Installing Office Mix in Your Organization


The information on this page is for IT professionals who wish to deploy the installation of the free Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint to PCs across their organization. It explains the system requirements and configuration options for Office Mix. It also provides sample emails that you can use to educate users on the new capabilities that have been installed on their PCs.

Two software packages, Microsoft .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), must be installed prior to installing Office Mix. The Office Mix all-in-one installer (OfficeMix.Setup.exe) installs these two prerequisites and Office Mix, and can be run in quiet mode. As an alternative, we also provide Windows Installer packages (MSI files) for IT installation of Office Mix. Before running setup via these MSI files, .NET 4.5 and VSTO must be installed first.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, version SP1 or later.
  • Administrative privileges to install and update.

Office Mix installation is per-machine: once installed, Office Mix is available for all users on the machine.


To install using the all-in-one installer in quiet mode:

    Run this command: OfficeMix.Setup.exe firstrun=0 /quiet /norestart

  • “firstrun=0” facilitates quiet installation by suppressing the Office Mix first-run experience that opens PowerPoint and the Mix tab after setup completes.
  • “/quiet” suppresses the installation UI and prompts to install quietly.
  • “/norestart” suppresses any reboots that can occur if Office Mix program files are in use. A system restart can be triggered if Office Mix is in use at the time an update is installed. A system restart may be required by the Windows Installer but “/norestart” will suppress an automatic restart that could occur from running the Office Mix installer in quiet mode.

To install using an MSI file:

     1.  Install Microsoft .NET 4.5 by using the following deployment information:

              Deploying the .NET Framework
.NET Framework Deployment Guide for Administrators (uses System Center to create and deploy a package for the .NET installer EXE file)

     2.  Install the latest version of Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (VSTO) by deploying this EXE file:


     3.  Install Office Mix by deploying the appropriate MSI file:

  • For 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office (most common), deploy: 


  • For 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office, deploy:


To install an Update of the Office Mix MSI:

  • Use the following Windows Installer properties:
  • Or, if using msiexec.exe:
    • msiexec.exe /fvomus OfficeMix.[PLATFORM].msi /quiet /norestart


There are two ways to update Office Mix installations:

  1. For environments where users are allowed to install their own software and have administrative privileges on the machine, they can check for and install updates by clicking the Office Mix Update button on the Mix tab of the Office ribbon. The button is enabled when an update is available and the user is an Administrator. Office Mix will also prompt the user to update upon clicking any other button in the Mix tab if it detects that an update is available and the user has permissions to install it.
  2. In accordance with the organization’s deployment schedule, IT can deploy updates as they become available on the Office Mix portal.

Where feasible, we recommend the second option so that all users are running the latest version of Office Mix and a consistent user experience is maintained across the organization.

Currently, client updates to Office Mix are released approximately every two weeks. While installing the latest update is not mandatory, it is recommended in order for users to take advantage of any bug fixes as well as the new features that are being continuously added to Office Mix.

In the near future, you will be able to opt in to notifications that are sent in email whenever an update is available on the Office Mix portal.

Configuring your Proxy and Firewall

The full functionality of Mix requires that various URLs and ports be allowed by the organizational proxy server and firewall.

Please refer to this knowledge base article for details on what URLs and ports to allow.

Office Mix is retiring May 1, 2018
Please sign-in to migrate or download your content from the Office Mix site before May 1, 2018 to avoid losing any of your data. For support migration contact us here