About Office Mix

Office Mix was created with educators in mind. But...

It's true that we on the Office Mix team partnered with educators around the world to create an easy solution for turning PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons. But everyone who uses PowerPoint 2013 or higher can benefit from also using Office Mix.

We discovered that many businesspeople use it to offer required training because our rich analytics platform shows mix authors who watched their mix and how they answered the questions in it. So even though our hearts belong to teachers and students, our minds are committed to adding value to everyone who communicates their ideas using PowerPoint 2013 or higher.

How can teachers use Office Mix?

You already use PowerPoint in your classroom. But how do you…

  • Make yourself available when students need to listen to your lessons more than once?
  • Accommodate students who learn at different rates?
  • Check the comprehension of each student in the class, not just the most vocal ones?
  • Create video-based lessons without a lot of knowledge about video production and technology?

With Office Mix, creating a lesson is as easy as adding a handful of interactive elements to your PowerPoint presentation and publishing it to the secure Microsoft cloud. You can create interactive lessons that:

  • Can be watched one time or as many times as a student needs to.
  • Can be watched sped up or slowed down, from the beginning or from any slide.
  • Contain quizzes that check student comprehension.
  • Contain audio and video using your webcam and built-in microphone or any other audio-visual peripherals attached to your PC running PowerPoint 2013 or higher.
  • Show you speaking directly to students.
  • Show ink being drawn on key parts of your slide to focus your students' attention.
  • Include screen recordings of other applications running on Windows.

Want to see how easy it is to create a mix?

Watch Office Mix: An Introduction to see all the key features of Office Mix in action. Then, if you still have questions...