Office Mix was created with consumers in mind

A free add-in for PowerPoint with everything you need to easily create and share interactive online videos

Voice, Video & Digital Ink

Polls & Interactive Apps

Insights & Analytics

Playback On Any Device

Create interactive online videos with PowerPoint

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With Office Mix, you can add voice, video, digital ink, and polls to your presentations, and share them online. Use it for work. Use it for play.

Turn in homework that’s a grade above the rest

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With Office Mix, you can make your homework shine. Hand in assignments as interactive web videos that will wow your teacher and your class.

Produce photo slideshows with a personal touch

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You can turn photo slideshows into interactive movies that shine with the power of your voice and your imagination.

Share your videos anywhere and in every way

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Use the simplicity of PowerPoint to build videos. You can embed them in most sites and social networks, or share them as links or MP4 files.

Create amazing greeting cards

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Celebrate holidays and share special moments with animated greeting cards that use your voice, your video, and even your signature.

Design more effective digital posters and flyers

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Publish digital posters and flyers that captivate your audience. Use the built-in analytics to measure their engagement and your impact.

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