Anoop Gupta


Anoop Gupta is a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research.

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0:00:35 | 3 years ago

This is a short mix to show student analytics.

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0:00:47 | 2 years ago

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0:03:55 | 2 years ago

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0:00:00 | 2 years ago

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0:02:54 | 2 years ago

A quick demonstration of how Office Mix lessons can be included in courses authored within Moodle.

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0:31:03 | 2 years ago

Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint 2013. It is a powerful tool that makes authoring and sharing of online lessons / presentations simple. It allows you to make them interactive with quizzes and labs. It allows you to export lessons as mp4 videos. If you know and use PowerPoint today, it should be easy to learn and get going quickly. You can build on top of the large collection of PowerPoint slide decks you might already have to get going.

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0:03:55 | 2 years ago

Brief demo of the interactive features available in Office Mix. We show how it makes it easy to create online lessons using existing PowerPoint decks leveraging people's familiarity with it and using a slide-centric metaphor. It also makes it easy to add a variety of interactive elements into lessons/mixes. Finally, you and your students can create such interactive elements yourselves and share with the world.

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0:16:42 | 2 years ago

I am often asked what devices would you recommend for K12 schools for 1:1 education. Many people have asked for my slides, but unfortunately, these do not reflect the nuance on how to present to these slides. In this online presentation I discuss what features I consider most important and why. This presentation was created using the Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint.

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