Alfred Thompson

Computer Science Teacher, Bishop Guertin High School

Moving back and forth between industry and education Alfred Thompson has been a software developer, an evangelist for Microsoft and a high school computer science teacher. He has been involved in designing curriculum for grades K through university including serving on the ACM/IEEE CS 2013 Curriculum task force.

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0:00:00 | 2 years ago

This mix includes a CodeHunt puzzle that looks for the code to answer "palindrome" or "not palindrome" based on the test data presented.

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0:04:50 | 2 years ago

MIE - Expert self Nomination information

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0:08:17 | 2 years ago

A fast introduction to variables in Visual Basic. Five review questions at the end.

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0:07:50 | 2 years ago

A quick introduction to turtle graphics commands in TouchDevelop.

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0:10:19 | 2 years ago

A ten minute or so introduction to creating classes in C#. A few review questions at the end to see if you were paying attention.

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0:08:24 | 2 years ago

A brief and simple explanation of opening, closing, reading, and writing to text files in C#. A few very simple quiz questions at the end.

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0:07:57 | 3 years ago

An introduction to Binary numbers with quiz questions along the way to check your knowledge.

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0:06:35 | 3 years ago

This short review of while loops, with a start on loops in general, is intended as a review aid for students. There are several easy review questions at the end.

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0:04:36 | 3 years ago

This is intended as a brief review of how a for loop works in C#. There are a few easy review questions at the end.

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0:05:46 | 3 years ago

This short video introduces the dynamic creation and loading of an array of objects in a C# Windows Form. It includes placing the objects, create an event handler and adding the object to the form.

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0:07:50 | 3 years ago

A short (7 minutes or so) review of if statements and Boolean expressions followed by three Code Hunt code duels to try out how well you know the material.

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0:04:16 | 3 years ago

A fast review of operators in C# followed by a number of simple Code Hunt Code Duels for practice.

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0:04:55 | 3 years ago

What are the mathematical and relational operators in C# programming? This is a brief introduction.

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0:07:57 | 3 years ago

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