Slaman Kathy

Professional Learning Facilitator for Learner Centered Assessment

I am a proud alumna of the Cedar Rapids Community School System attending Erskine, Squaw Creek, Franklin, and Washington. After graduating from Luther College in 1984 my quest for a teaching position landed me in Okeechobee, Florida where I taught math for three years. Returning to Cedar Rapids I was at Taft for one year and then spent the next 28 years! teaching math (and most other subjects) at Roosevelt. Since 2015 I have been the Professional Learning Facilitator for Learner Centered Assessment. Based on my strengths, I have a great sense of commitment to the work that I do (Responsibility) and get satisfaction from knowing it's the right work for students and their learning (Belief). Using divergent and convergent thinking allows me to determine the best path forward (Strategic) while I envision the possibilities (Futuristic) with an optimistic outlook (Positivity).

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0:05:47 | 2 years ago

This tutorial is for students and parents checking progress in PowerSchool with particular focus for schools using Learner Centered Assessment.

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