Stefan Saroiu

Researcher at Microsoft Research

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0:28:55 | 1 year ago

A version of this talk was presented at USENIX Security 2016 that took place in August 2016 in Austin, TX.

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0:18:27 | 2 years ago

Slides used for presentation at HotMobile 2015. Joint work with Alec Wolman and Sharad Agarwal

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0:24:56 | 3 years ago

Zero-Effort Payments (ZEP) is a seamless mobile computing system designed to accept payments with no effort on the customer’s part beyond a one-time opt-in. With ZEP, customers need not present cards nor operate smartphones to convey their identities. ZEP uses three complementary identification technologies: face recognition, proximate device detection, and human assistance.

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