Barbara Vinal

Technology Integration and Music Specialist

Specializing in technology integration for the Fine Arts classroom.

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0:02:14 | 1 year ago

A tutorial on using Rondo form with auditory examples.

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0:06:20 | 1 year ago

This is a beginners guide to Podcasting. The presentation explains some of the reasons to use podcasting and gives examples of how Podcasting can be used in the classroom.

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0:03:08 | 1 year ago

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0:03:27 | 1 year ago

An auditory practice lesson for Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Used to help any newcomer to this masterpiece understand the main character themes through listening.

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0:02:59 | 1 year ago

This tutorial helps students understand about a common composition type: Rondo Form. Designed for the newcomer to musical form and beginning concepts.

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0:04:39 | 1 year ago

Professional development for those just starting out with technology in the Fine Arts classroom. This short presentation gives an overview of some of the tools to use and why they are so important.

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0:03:08 | 1 year ago

This mix explains the basics of rhythmic notation - how each note is counted. A great tutorial for the beginner, or a refresher for anyone.

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