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An overview of Vertical Enterprise Systems

MSIM CIS 591 Enterprise Systems

Vertical enterprise systems presentation

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An overview of Vertical Enterprise Systems
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  1. Vertical enterprise systems

    Slide 1 - Vertical enterprise systems

    • BY: Michael Garcia
  2. Overview

    Slide 2 - Overview

    • I will explain what a Vertical Enterprise System is
    • I will give two examples of Vertical Enterprise Systems
  3. What is a vertical enterprise?

    Slide 3 - What is a vertical enterprise?

    • According to Alan Simon:
    • “Vertical: industry-specific
    • - Enterprise Medical Records (EMR) Management
    • - Enterprise-scale Insurance Policies and Claims Management
    • - Not-for-profit’s Member Relations Mgt.”1
  4. Examples of vertical enterprises

    Slide 4 - Examples of vertical enterprises

    • Oilfield Services Software
    • Orchestrated Beer Software
  5. Oilfield services software

    Slide 5 - Oilfield services software

    • According to Sikich “Oilfield services (OFS) companies work in a deadline sensitive environment with intense competition, rapid growth, widely variable and sudden changes in business cycles, remote work locations and long invoicing cycles. Companies in the industry need oil and gas software that is reliable, adaptable and cost effective.”
    • This type of Vertical System will keep costs down while providing streamlined and improved processes.
    • This system allows growth, error reduction, invoice cycle shortening and allows management of all necessary components in the oilfield industry. 2
  6. Orchestrated BeerSoftware

    Slide 6 - Orchestrated BeerSoftware

    • Brewing companies have to be competitive with big brewers such as Anheuser-Busch and smaller crafter beer brewers.
    • The Beer industry is very competitive, which makes it hard to get a competitive advantage and make profits.
    • The Brewers are passionate about brewing beer and not so much about the Enterprise System a company uses.
    • Vertical software can offer a simple solution that brewers will have an easy time using to input Brew data.
    • Vertical software is less expensive than horizontal and is all that is need to give the brewery a competitive advantage. It gives the data needed for accounting and management departments to continue to make the business successful with out adding extra, expensive software customization. 3
  7. references

    Slide 7 - references

    • 1 CIS 591: Enterprise Systems, Alan Simon, Week 1, Slide Group 9
    • 2
    • 3