Day 3 Homework Setup CI102

San Diego Market Research

102 Homework

Day 3 Homework Setup CI102

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San Diego Market Research
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  1. Select Designated Market Area

    Slide 1 - Select Designated Market Area

    • Then Next
    • Then Done
    • Then Select Standard Reports
    • Day Three Homework
    • You are to analyze apartment data for San Diego California. Follow the steps below. First fill in the data on the next page using the reports indicated. Then answer the 6 questions on the last page.
  2. On Line Class Homework Day 3

    Slide 2 - On Line Class Homework Day 3

  3. Find the 2014 Data For San Diego & Use

    Slide 3 - Find the 2014 Data For San Diego & Use

    • Demographic & Income Profile
    • Housing Profile
    • Answer the following Questions: (Current = 2014)
    • 1) Using a vacancy allowance of 7.0%, how many housing units should there be in San Diego area?
    • 2) What is the current shortage of housing units in San Diego to achieve the 7.0% vacancy rate?
    • 3) What is the ratio of renter occupied housing in the San Diego area?
    • 4) Using a vacancy allowance of 5% for renter occupied units, what is the maximum number of additional rental units that could be built?
    • 5) The submarket of Chula Vista is estimated to contain 7.6% of all multifamily units in the San Diego area. The latest ESRI report indicates 33,871 occupied units. How many units would have to be built to move the vacancy from 3% to 5%?
    • 6) Pipeline data indicates that Chula Vista may have an additional 2,750 units over the next 5 years. Absorption is about 175 units per year- How long will it take to achieve a 5% vacancy rate?