Canvas at Elanco prensentation


Canvas at Elanco prensentation

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  1. Canvas at Elanco

    Slide 1 - Canvas at Elanco

    • Tim Leister & Lotsie Wooten
    • Elanco School District
  2. Anywhere-Anytime Learning at Elanco

    Slide 2 - Anywhere-Anytime Learning at Elanco

    • Currently in year three of a 1:1 student laptop program with 1500 middle and high school students at Garden Spot HS and MS.
    • All students in grades 7-12 provided with Windows Lenovo x130-140 series laptops with case.
    • ElancOnline Virtual Academy for approximately 50 students.
    • Participating in the PA Hybrid Learning Institute at multiple grade levels.
  3. Anywhere Anytime Learning At Elanco

    Slide 3 - Anywhere Anytime Learning At Elanco

    • 3 Aspects of Anywhere-Anytime Learning at Elanco
    • A safe and secure device that meets all curriculum needs
    • A robust learning management system
    • Transformation of classroom instruction
  4. Why Canvas at Elanco?

    Slide 4 - Why Canvas at Elanco?

    • Decision was made to switch from Moodle to Canvas to serve multiple district needs:
    • Compliment all face-to-face courses in a 1:1 teaching environment,
    • Facilitate hybrid learning classrooms,
    • Creation of district-owned, online courses to replace our virtual academy, ElancOnline, content providers,
    • Mobile and user-friendly interface
    • Integrations of LTI Apps – ex. Zaption
  5. Professional Development

    Slide 5 - Professional Development

    • Trainings for all teachers focused on blended learning strategies with Canvas
    • All on-going PD is complimented with Canvas
    • Development of a standard course naming conventions along with a district course template
    • Common unit assessments and standardized rubrics for student writings, online discussions, etc. are encouraged.
  6. The Future of Canvas at Elanco

    Slide 6 - The Future of Canvas at Elanco

    • Moving forward….
    • Continued development of digital courses in Canvas in many different subject areas
    • Implementation of Spartan Digital Competencies for Teachers
    • Parents encouraged to setup observer accounts to access courses.
    • PowerSchool API for course creation, enrollments, and gradebook integration.
    • Note: As of March 3rd, 1400 students and teachers accessed Canvas at Elanco in the last 7 days.