Summer Book Of Beetles and Angels

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Summer Book Of Beetles and Angels

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  1. Summer Reading 2015 by Mrs. Maslowski

    Slide 1 - Summer Reading 2015 by Mrs. Maslowski

    • Reflect on non-fiction book Of Beetles and Angels by Mawi Asgedom
    • Connect to your own life
  2. Preview of Author and Book

    Slide 2 - Preview of Author and Book

    • Preview Mawi's Book
    • Peruse the Padlet site to read what students researched and learned about Mawi Asgedom and the book
    • Be ready to share your knowledge on the next slide…
  3. Reflect on Padlet Preview of Book

    Slide 3 - Reflect on Padlet Preview of Book

  4. Motivational?

    Slide 4 - Motivational?

  5. Ch 1 Memories

    Slide 5 - Ch 1 Memories

    • Book Quote:
    • “She pressed on and on, and soon her limp became a crawl. And then I saw a sight that I would never forget – the soles of her naked feet melting away and then disappearing into the desert, leaving only her bloody, red flesh mixed with brownish sand and dirt” (Asgedom 1)
  6. Ch 1 Memories

    Slide 6 - Ch 1 Memories

  7. Ch 1 Memories

    Slide 7 - Ch 1 Memories

  8. Ch 1 Memories

    Slide 8 - Ch 1 Memories

  9. Ch 2 The Camp

    Slide 9 - Ch 2 The Camp

    • Mawi and his family sought safety in Sudanese refugee camp in Umsagata
    • Children were beaten by kindergarten teachers
    • Students fought one another
    • Celebrate religious feasts with dancing
  10. Ch 2 The Camp

    Slide 10 - Ch 2 The Camp

    • Book Quote:
    • “So it was that my father started talking about a paradise called Amerikha, a distant land where everyone had a future. He told us that money grew on trees in Amerikha. Everyone was rich. Everyone had a home. Everyone had food. And everyone had peace” (Asgedom 10).
    • Advice from Village Elders:
    • Book Quote:
    • “Most of all, remember your country and remember us. Remember your people” (Asgedom 11).
  11. Ch 2 The Camp

    Slide 11 - Ch 2 The Camp

  12. Ch 2 The Camp

    Slide 12 - Ch 2 The Camp

  13. Ch 3-14…It’s YOUR Turn!

    Slide 13 - Ch 3-14…It’s YOUR Turn!

    • Step 1: Randomly Assigned Chapter in Small Groups
    • Step 2: Pick Memorable Quote / Cite it
    • Step 3: Create EduBlog post about Mawi’s Chapter and its memorable quote. Add multimedia like images, videos, etc. to engage your audience. Though your group collaborates, each member must create their own EduBlog post
    • Step 4: Share EduBlog Post and comment on at least three other chapter posts
  14. Ch 15 – Epilogue

    Slide 14 - Ch 15 – Epilogue

    • “Quite often, it will be the small things that all of us can do that will have the most impact” (Asgedom 127).
    • How will YOU make a Positive Difference?
  15. Overall Reflection

    Slide 15 - Overall Reflection