George Washington Mix(3)

American Revolutionary War People

George Washington Mix(3)

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  1. George Washington

    Slide 1 - George Washington

  2. CSO’s

    Slide 2 - CSO’s

    • SS.4.H.CL2.3- summarize the roles of the principal American, British and European leaders involved in the conflict.
    • SS.4.H.CL3.2- research the contributions of early American historic figures.
  3. Pretest on George Washington….

    Slide 3 - Pretest on George Washington….

  4. Pretest continued…

    Slide 4 - Pretest continued…

  5. Last pretest question…..

    Slide 5 - Last pretest question…..

  6. Review of Pretest

    Slide 6 - Review of Pretest

  7. Taking Notes

    Slide 7 - Taking Notes

  8. Make sure to include these facts in your notes:

    Slide 8 - Make sure to include these facts in your notes:

    • His birth date and his death date
    • What age did he marry and who did he marry?
    • What made him a good leader in the continental army?
    • What year did he begin his first term as president?
    • What was so hard about Valley Forge?
    • Who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown, and why did he surrender?
  9. Basic Facts about George Washington

    Slide 9 - Basic Facts about George Washington

    • He was born on February 22, 1732 and died on December 14, 1799
    • His first job was a surveyor.
    • At the age of 42, he became the leader of the American Army against Britain.
    • In 1789, he became the first president of the United States.
    • Information from All About George Washington, by J. Enslin
  10. George Washington Activities

    Slide 12 - George Washington Activities

    • Take your time and enjoy this page.
  11. Post Test

    Slide 13 - Post Test

    • Answer the next three questions, and you may use your notes.
  12. Let’s review the three post test questions?

    Slide 17 - Let’s review the three post test questions?

    • George and Martha