Yammer as educational playground


Yammer as educational playground

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  1. Yammer aseducational playground

    Slide 1 - Yammer aseducational playground

    • Lidija Kralj, Croatia Mathematics & Computer Science TeacherTeacher advisor, eTwinning ambassador
  2. In Croatia

    Slide 2 - In Croatia

    • Office 365, including Yammer is freely available to all teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.
    • We all have digital identity defined on national level with domain @skole.hr,
    • Every person is easily recognizable by their AAI identity
  3. Safety first

    Slide 3 - Safety first

    • Use of social networks in education:
    • protect students' data,
    • warn students about oversharing and
    • prevent cyberbullying.
  4. Start small & avoid chaos

    Slide 4 - Start small & avoid chaos

    • One class of 24 eight graders (aged 14).
    • I'm their mathematics and class teacher
    • Having a group just for hanging out and chatting is not enough for me and not enough to reach some educational goals.
    • I started with topics connected with our current maths curriculum & links to tutorials
  5. Fostering creativity

    Slide 6 - Fostering creativity

    • Students create content
    • Yammer – place for collaboration and communication in the process of creation
    • After geometric construction students saved pictures and published them in our Yammer group.
    • In just few minutes our beautiful digital gallery was online
  6. Organization & Information

    Slide 8 - Organization & Information

    • Introduction of tags and hashtags
    • Shared files could be easily viewed & downloaded
    • File section of the group as repository
    • Publishing new schedule as pinned note.
  7. Professional orientation

    Slide 9 - Professional orientation

    • Created presentations about future schools
    • Attached them to the posts
    • Tagged properly as #skole
    • Presenting as professionals – perfect presentation preview in Yammer
    • All schools are now in our Yammer base 
  8. Collaboration discovered

    Slide 11 - Collaboration discovered

    • Possibilities to download, email, delete, view full screen and even to upload newer versions of files.
    • Files could be marked as official and locked for changes.
    • Commenting tools
  9. Settling down

    Slide 12 - Settling down

    • Collection of files is growing
    • Students are creating Yammer album with photos taken during 8 school years they’ve spent together
  10. Power users

    Slide 13 - Power users

    • Students finished their Mathematical tasks in Office Mix, continued with Mix & Sway
    • Started new round of „Interactive math”
    • Topics distributed & debated in Yammer
    • Works collected & commented in Yammer
    • Yammer as virtual classroom and our digital home
  11. Results

    Slide 15 - Results

    • All in one simple solution for students and teachers
    • 8 classes, 5 teachers
    • We are reachable via Yammer
    • Communication not only professional
    • Showing students how I share their work (articles, lectures)
  12. Slide 16

    • @Lidija Kralj
    • Lidija.Kralj@skole.hr