shipwreckeded! isaac and aaron


shipwreckeded! isaac and aaron

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  1. ShipWrecked!

    Slide 1 - ShipWrecked!

    • Aaron Mason and Isaac Khan
  2. Names and Professions

    Slide 2 - Names and Professions

    • Andre- male adult, person trainer, trainer in the army, 5 time state champion weight lifting champion
    • Marshall- 12 year old,, broken arm and torn shoulder ligaments
    • Nicki- female adult, chef restaurant
    • Sean – male adult, pro fisherman, dropped out of high school to join father’s fishing business
    • Ariana- female adult, broken rib, nurse
    • Brian - university economics student
  3. Resources

    Slide 3 - Resources

    • Land
    • Labour
    • Capital
    • Enterprise
    • Fruits
    • Men
    • Pots
    • Cooking skills
    • Wildlife
    • Women
    • Laptop
    • Military Training
    • Freshwater
    • Children
    • Canvas Sheet
    • Fisherman
    • Trees
    • Rope
    • Medicine
  4. Decision making process

    Slide 4 - Decision making process

    • Benefits of Moving to Closer to Fresh Water
    • Negatives of Moving to Closer to the fresh Water
    • + Constant supply of fresh water
    • Moving people and resources from the beach
    • + Easier to transport water short distances
    • Visibility for rescue
    • + Animals require fresh water which makes hunting easier
    • Distance to travel to get sea food
    • + Better soil conditions for growing crops
    • + hygiene needs
  5. Slide 5

    • Long term Wants
    • To be rescued
    • To have more than required food supplies
    • Entertainment
    • Comfortable shelter
    • Long term Needs
    • Sustainable water supply
    • Sustainable food supply
    • Hunting tools
    • Maintain the health of the group
  6. What will we Produce?

    Slide 6 - What will we Produce?

  7. How to Supply our Needs.

    Slide 7 - How to Supply our Needs.

    • Shelter- collecting palm tree branches and tying it together using rope
    • Foods (meat)- killing animals using knives and cooking on fireplace
    • Foods (fruit)- collecting fruits from the native fauna
    • Water- using pots to collect freshwater from the nearby stream
  8. How to produce our wants

    Slide 8 - How to produce our wants

    • Developed shelter- Using Andres survival knowledge and skills. Materials will be collected by other group members
    • Fire – In order to create a fire, we will use the spark from the laptop battery.
    • Sustainable food supply – Sean's fishing skills, and revelation of the plants
    • Sustainable water supply – by regularly collect water from nearby stream.
  9. Opportunity Cost

    Slide 9 - Opportunity Cost

    • In the initial stages the resources of the group, will be allocated to producing shelter and accommodation, collection of water and food for the group. The opportunity cost of these decisions in initial stages will be less force on producing food supplies (e.g. planting and harvesting crops, breeding animal).
    • A major opportunity cost will be moving to the freshwater stream. At stream, freshwater will be readily available however we are sacrificing things at the forest such as wildlife and trees
    • Other opportunity costs will be labour and consumption of energy. People won’t be able to do everything on one day so jobs have to be selective.
  10. Stockpile

    Slide 10 - Stockpile

    • As economics student, I encourage the group to make a stockpile. In case of an unforeseen circumstance which would mean we are unable to continue to produce food. Secondly, illness in the camp will mean that some group members may not be able to continue their daily work routine in gathering resources, with a stock pile we will have a constant supply of resources.  The stockpile is too have at least two days worth of food at all times.
  11. Immediate Term (in depth)

    Slide 11 - Immediate Term (in depth)

    • Building simple shelter
    • Andre and Sean will collect materials to build a shelter and Marshall and Nicki will construct it. Marshall’s injury will mean he will be unable to lift, however he can instruct Nicki.
    • Foods(fruit)
    • Myself will find and collect fruits for snacks
  12. Short term (in depth)

    Slide 12 - Short term (in depth)

    • Developing Shelter
    • Myself and Andre will continue to develop shelter
    • Food
    • Sean will construct spears and use his fishing expertise to catch fish
    • Fresh water
    • Nicki will collect freshwater from the nearby stream
    • Stockpile
    • Excess resources will be stored
  13. Long Term (in depth)

    Slide 13 - Long Term (in depth)

    • Foods
    • A stockpile should be established in case of emergency, collection of foods will continue
    • Shelter
    • A kitchen will be constructed by Andre and Nicki. This will improve our food quality and benefit the group
    • Beds
    • Andre and Marshall will construct beds for everyone
  14. To Conclude

    Slide 14 - To Conclude

    • Our group will be moving to the freshwater stream as it most benefits the group.
    • Producing our needs is a top priority and most of our resources will go towards our needs
    • Resources will be divided evenly so all group members can have the same quality of living
    • Some resources will be stockpiled in order for the group to easily recover setbacks, i.e. sickness or injury
    • We won’t able to produce everything we want as our resources are limited, however I have attempted to make the most out of the resources we have.