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    • Education EmpoweredTony FranklinPartner Sales Executive, Microsoft
  2. Your end-to-end solution begins here. 

    Slide 2 - Your end-to-end solution begins here. 

    • Devices
    • enabling learning
    • anywhere, anytime
    • It’s more than just a device or a service.
    • Technology in education deserves a complete solution.
    • Training
    • empowering and inspiring teachers
    • Management
    • making it all safe and secure.
    • Tools
    • tapping the true potential of devices, and students
  3. Tools for Learning

    Slide 3 - Tools for Learning

    • Tools for Learning
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    • Achieve
    • Educators and Learners contain unlimited potential, Office 365 helps bring it to life.
    • Tools for Learning
  5. Tools for Learning

    Slide 5 - Tools for Learning

    • Office 365 Overview
    • Productivity
    • Office Applications Locally Installed – * Free for Student and Faculty
    • Web Conferencing
    • Voice, Video, Screen Sharing & Recording
    • Email, Calendars, Contacts
    • School, Team and Class Sites
    • File Storage and Sharing
    • Social – Discussion Groups
    • Empower your students and teachers with an enterprise class software and familiar tools Skype.
  6. Tools for Learning

    Slide 6 - Tools for Learning

    • Documents, presentations, notes, data, Microsoft Office available online and offline on any device
    • Create
    • Group project sites with voice, video, screen sharing and recording
    • Discuss
    • Social threaded discussions and traditional email, calendar and contact management
    • Share
    • Access work from any connected device and control community access to files
    • Store
    • Your Classroomin the cloud – Office 365
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    • Accomplish
    • Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere, but they all end up in OneNote.
    • Tools for Learning
  8. Tools for Learning

    Slide 8 - Tools for Learning

    • One place to collect all your notes from web pages, pictures, in class, and more
    • Unite
    • Sketch over images, pictures and slides and search your handwriting and text in pictures to find your best ideas
    • Record
    • Your voice, your video, pictures and your ideas any time and anywhere with mobile and tablet versions
    • Compose
    • Notebooks, sections, pages help keep your classes, projects and research at your fingertips from anywhere
    • Organize
    • Collect your thoughts,
    • And just about anything else
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    • Access
    • All your documents, all your content, all your projects,OneDrive, everywhere.
    • Tools for Learning
  10. Your classroom in the cloud

    Slide 10 - Your classroom in the cloud

    • Tools for Learning
    • One place to stow all your documents, photos, Internet favorites, resources, content and more
    • Gather
    • Co-edit with your classmates and colleagues simultaneously
    • Reach
    • Access your files anytime, from anywhere by using any connected device and selecting files to make available for offline synchronization
    • Compose
    • Control teacher, student, and parent access to files to share only what people need
    • Secure
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    • Connect
    • Oh, the places you’ll go and the people you’ll Skype.
    • Tools for Learning
  12. Slide 12

    • Invite experts and guest speakers
    • “into” your classroom.
    • Take a virtual field trip anywhere in the world.
    • Collaborate with other classes, no matter where they are.
    • Travel around the world with 70,000+ other classrooms on a virtual field trip.
    • Tools for Learning
    • Skype in the Classroom