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  1. New International Student Tutorial

    Slide 1 - New International Student Tutorial

    • Berkeley International Office (BIO)
    • 2299 Piedmont Avenue
    • Berkeley, CA 94720
    • J-1 Exchange Abroad Program (EAP) Students
  2. What’s inside?

    Slide 2 - What’s inside?

    • What is BIO?
    • Document Check & Orientation
    • Understanding Important Documents
    • Top 5 J-1 Rules
    • Services, Resources & Campus Rules
    • Quiz!
  3. What is BIO?

    Slide 3 - What is BIO?

  4. What can BIO do for you?

    Slide 4 - What can BIO do for you?

    • Be a first point of contact for any concerns
    • Advocate for international students
    • Connect you to resources in the community
    • Provide training on cross-cultural issues
    • BIO
    • more than just animmigration office
    • What is BIO?
    • BIO is Berkeley International Office
    • personal
    • matters
    • immigration issues
    • cultural adjustment
    • navigating the campus
  5. BIO Advisors

    Slide 5 - BIO Advisors

    • Drop-In Student Advising Hours:
    • Monday-Friday
    • 10am-12pm and 1:30pm-4pm
    • Heidi Church
    • Amy Griggs
    • Isela Peña-Rager
    • Matt Ostrander
    • Erin Skelly
    • Evren Essner
    • Vanina Granell
    • Catherine Berberich
    • Sasha Chang
    • Get to know us better! Visit:
    • International Student Advisors
    • What is BIO?
    • Office Hours:
    • Monday-Friday
    • 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm
  6. Monthly Socials

    Slide 6 - Monthly Socials

    • Weekly Coffee Breaks
    • On-Going Workshops
    • Events Sponsored by Berkeley International Office:
    • What is BIO?
  7. Contact Us

    Slide 7 - Contact Us

    • Email:
    • Web:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • Phone: 510-642-2818
    • 2299 Piedmont Avenue
    • Berkeley, CA 94720-2321
    • Berkeley International Office
    • 2nd floor of the International House
    • What is BIO?
  8. Document

    Slide 8 - Document

    • Check & Orientation
  9. AttendDocument Check

    Slide 9 - AttendDocument Check

    • to notify the University of your arrival and to review your documents for accuracy.
    • Takes approx. 10 minutes.
    • Document Check & Orientation
    • What requirements must I fulfill after arrival at Berkeley?
    • Documents Check to be held during orientation, Thurs, Jan 15
  10. How can I have a successful Document Check?

    Slide 10 - How can I have a successful Document Check?

    • Step 1
    • Update your US address before Document Check!
    • Login to BearFacts
    • Go to your Personal Information
    • Update your US address, including room or apartment number
    • Document Check & Orientation
  11. DS-2019 from UC Berkeley*

    Slide 11 - DS-2019 from UC Berkeley*

    • New International Student Arrival form [doc]
    • Passport:
    • Visa stamp “picture page” (except Canadians)
    • U.S. entry stamp
    • Cal Student ID Number(8-digit number)
    • Document Check & Orientation
    • Step 2
    • Present the following:
    • How can I have a successful Document Check?
    • * Notify an advisor at Document Check if you require a validated DS-2019 immediately for on-campus employment, driver’s license, or J2 work authorization.
  12. Thurs, Jan 15, 2015Genetics & Plant Biology BuildingRoom 1008:00am-5pm

    Slide 12 - Thurs, Jan 15, 2015Genetics & Plant Biology BuildingRoom 1008:00am-5pm

    • Document Check & Orientation
    • What to Bring
    • Comfortable clothes and shoes
    • Notebook and a pen
    • Water bottle
    • Light backpack (for materials and giveaways)
    • Money for dinner
    • Questions for staff or students
    • Your "Go Bears!" spirit
    • Why should I attend the orientation?
    • There are many reasons to join us!
  13. UnderstandingImportantDocuments

    Slide 13 - UnderstandingImportantDocuments

  14. passport

    Slide 14 - passport

    • Renew if it will expire in the next 6 months. Contact your home country’s embassy in the U.S. to find out how.
    • Photocopy biographic page to carry with you after arrival in the U.S.
    • Keep original in a safe place
    • Understanding Important Documents
  15. visa

    Slide 15 - visa

    • Used only for entering the U.S.
    • If it expires during your stay, there is no need to renew it.
    • If you leave the U.S., your visa must be valid for re-entry.
    • You cannot apply for a visa in the U.S.
    • Understanding Important Documents
  16. ds-2019

    Slide 16 - ds-2019

    • Expiration date
    • Request an Extension of Program before it expires if you need more time
    • You are allowed 30 days to depart the U.S. after the expiration date.
    • 2-year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement: This may affect your stay in the U.S. after your program. Read more.
    • Renew your travel signature every 10 monthsif you are planning to travel outside the U.S. and re-enter as a J-1 student.
    • Understanding Important Documents
  17. i-94

    Slide 17 - i-94

    • Paper Form
    • Understanding Important Documents
    • Understanding Important Documents
    • You will receive this stamp in your passport upon arrival in the U.S.
    • proof of legal
    • entry to the U.S.
    • Print out your electronic I-94 record at
    • If you receive a paper I-94 card (typically stapled to your passport), you will not be able to access the electronic I-94 record.
  18. Top 5 J-1 RulesThe J-1 visa has specific requirements that students  must follow to maintain legal status in the U.S.

    Slide 18 - Top 5 J-1 RulesThe J-1 visa has specific requirements that students must follow to maintain legal status in the U.S.

  19. 1. Update BearFacts Address

    Slide 19 - 1. Update BearFacts Address

    • Enter your U.S. residential address into BearFacts as soon as possible after your arrival even if it is temporary.
    • Update your U.S. address within 10 days of any changes.
    • Update your email address on BearFacts.
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
  20. 2. Enroll Full Time

    Slide 20 - 2. Enroll Full Time

    • Students must enroll full time as defined by their College each semester. Most Colleges require 13 units.
    • For immigration purposes, students must enroll in at least 12 units each semester.
    • Approval from a BIO Advisor is required to drop below full-time enrollment or to cancel /withdraw for a semester.
    • Enrollment BEFORE Tele-Bears
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
  21. 3. Complete Registration

    Slide 21 - 3. Complete Registration

    • Enrolled in at least one course.
    • Fees are paid, including health insurance and any add/drop fees. *
    • No blocks (no library fines, housing fees, admissions, etc.).
    • Your current U.S. residential address is availablein Bear Facts.
    • Students must complete registration no later than 30 days after the first day of class each semester. To be considered registered, UCB students must meet ALL of the following criteria:
    • 30 Days
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
    • *If necessary, apply for a no-interest emergency loan available to help you become officially registered. Visit the Cal Student Central page and read about the CoPayable Loan for Fees.
  22. 4. Get Work/Fellowship Authorization

    Slide 22 - 4. Get Work/Fellowship Authorization

    • On-Campus
    • J-1 students MUST submit the J-1 On-Campus Employment Authorization before starting work and notify BIO if there are any changes in the employment (location, number of hours per week). Work authorization can be granted for 12 months at a time.
    • Off-CampusAfter completing one semester, you may apply for Academic Training (AT) work authorization to get experience in your field of study prior to employment start date.
    • From Berkeley International Office before employment begins
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
  23. Social Security Numbers

    Slide 23 - Social Security Numbers

    • Tax identification number
    • Required for working in the U.S.
    • But, NOT a work permit
    • How to Apply for a Social Security Number
    • Read How to Apply for a Social Security Number
    • Have a completed J-1 On-Campus Employment Authorization form endorsed by BIO.
    • Be officially registered for the semester.
    • New students must wait at least 10 days after the start of their first semester to allow time for U.S. admission information to be updated within the government databases.
    • For more information, see Social Security Numbers
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
  24. 5. Update Documents & Signatures

    Slide 24 - 5. Update Documents & Signatures

    • Request an DS-2019 extension from Berkeley International Officebefore it expires if you need additional time to complete program.
    • Get a signature on your DS-2019 from Berkeley International Office if you will be traveling out of the US and re-entering as J-1.
    • Get your passport renewed if it will expire in the next 6 months. Contact your home country’s embassy in the US to find out how.
    • Get your visa stamp renewed while you are outside the US at a US Embassy abroad if it will expire before you re-enter the US.
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
  25. Review:

    Slide 25 - Review:

    • Update Your Address and Email on Bear Facts
    • Enroll Full Time
    • Complete Your Registration
    • Follow Employment Rules & Get Authorization for Employment
    • Keep Your Passport and DS-2019 Updated
    • The top 5 requirements to maintain legal J-1 status are:
    • Failure to maintain legal status may require your immediate departure from the U.S.
    • Top 5 J-1 rules
  26. Services, Resources & Campus Rules

    Slide 26 - Services, Resources & Campus Rules

  27. EAP Resources

    Slide 27 - EAP Resources

    • There are so many offices!
    • What should I know about each of my top 3 resources?
    • Services, Resources & Campus Rules
    • Berkeley International Office(BIO)
    • Topics & Issues:-visa matters-employment benefits-personal advising-navigating the campus
    • -adjusting to campus & US culture
    • Good to Know:
    • On campus
    • BIO can be your first point of contact for any questions or concerns!
    • UC EAP Office
    • Topics & Issues:-withdrawals-extensions (from semester to year)-general policies while at UCB
    • Good to Know:
    • Not on campus
    • Berkeley Study Abroad(BSA)Topics & Issues:
    • -EAP policies/procedures -academic/administrative/personal questions
    • Good to Know:
    • On campus
    • EAP Advisor: Scott McElhinney
    • 510.642.5820
  28. Get a Campus Map

    Slide 28 - Get a Campus Map

    • Services, Resources & Campus Rules
    • Berkeley International Office 2299 Piedmont Avenue
    • Housing and Dining Services 2610 Channing Way-housing & meal questions
    • Cal Student Central120 Sproul Hall -pay tuition-registration issues-transcripts
    • Cal1Card Services180 César Chávez Center
    • University Health Services(Tang Center)2222 Bancroft Way-health insurance (SHIP)-doctor and counseling visits
    • Berkeley Study Abroad (BSA)160 Stephens Hall
    • Student Learning Center(SLC)César Chávez Center
    • UC EAP Office
  29. Get Connected!

    Slide 29 - Get Connected!

    • Services, Resources & Campus Rules
    • bconnected
    • set up your Berkeley email, calendar, electronic file storage & sync your devices
    • Software Central
    • download your FREE software(Adobe, Microsoft & more!)
    • AirBears
    • set up your computer for campus wireless
  30. What is Academic Integrity?

    Slide 30 - What is Academic Integrity?

    • Honesty, Responsibility, and Openness to scholarship and scholarly activity
    • Understand that expectations may vary across courses
    • Any work should be your individual thoughts and should not be work submitted from another course, unless you have prior written permission from the instructor in this course
    • Learn to cite sources properly
    • Conduct group work ethically and only if you have permission from faculty and staff
    • Talk to faculty, GSI’s, and advisors when something is unclear
    • For more information, see the Center for Teaching and Learning:
    • Services, Resources & Campus Rules
    • Know the UC Berkeley Honor Code“As a member of the UC Berkeley community, I act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.”
    • – created by the ASUC
  31. Consistent with its emphasis on health and environmental protection, UC Berkeley is tobacco-free effective January 1, 2014.

    Slide 31 - Consistent with its emphasis on health and environmental protection, UC Berkeley is tobacco-free effective January 1, 2014.

    • This means that the use of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or unregulated nicotine products (i.e. "e-cigarettes") is strictly prohibited in indoor and outdoor spaces owned or leased by UC Berkeley. 
    • Can I smoke on campus?
    • No.
    • Services, Resources & Campus Rules
  32. Safety

    Slide 32 - Safety

  33. Beware!

    Slide 33 - Beware!

    • Your wellbeing and safety are extremely important. While Berkeley is a relatively safe place, you must take precautions.
    • Safety
    • Reported Scams & Fraud Scenarios
    • USCIS scam:
    • Callers say that they are from USCIS. They seem to have a lot of personal information about you and threaten to have you deported if you don’t send money immediately.
    • Housing scam:
    • These primarily appear as online advertisements on sites such as The contact person will insist that you send them money for housing accommodations even though you have not yet visited the property in person. When students show up to the address, the place is unavailable.
  34. Precautions to take

    Slide 34 - Precautions to take

    • Be Private
    • Do not ever send money or give out personal information or immigration details to anyone over the phone or online.
    • If the caller seems to have a lot of your personal information, do NOT give out any more information.
    • Know Your Rights
    • If you receive a phone call from a ‘government agency’ that asks for money or that threatens you with legal action, you should assume it is a scam. 
    • Ask for a name and telephone number. If the caller refuses, take this as a warning that something is not right.  
    • To Avoid Scams & Fraud
    • Safety
    • Who to contact?
    • Contact a BIO advisor immediately if you suspect you have been a victim!
    • USCIS Avoid Scams website:
    • To report immigration scams:
    • To report online
  35. Don’t Walk Alone at Night

    Slide 35 - Don’t Walk Alone at Night

    • Precautions to take
    • Protect your valuables
    • Store emergency numbers in your mobile phone:
    • Off-campus: dial 911
    • On campus: dial 510-642-3333This is UC Police and faster than 911 while on campus.
    • Safety
    • To Stay Safe & Protect Your Valuables
    • Night Safety Services
    • Lock your bike. Get a U-lock!
    • Never leave backpacks, laptops or electronic devices unattended.
  36. Self-Quiz!Only 5 Questions!

    Slide 36 - Self-Quiz!Only 5 Questions!

  37. Congratulations!

    Slide 42 - Congratulations!

    • You have completed the New International Student Tutorial! You are well on your way to success at UC Berkeley.
    • Email us if you have any