Online learning for gifted students


Online learning for gifted students

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  1. Online learning for gifted students

    Slide 1 - Online learning for gifted students

    • Rachel Koulyras – z5047027
  2. What is online learning?

    Slide 2 - What is online learning?

    • The use of Learning Management System to deliver content to students in a virtual classroom
  3. Why online learning for gifted students?

    Slide 3 - Why online learning for gifted students?

    • Flexibility
    • Communication
    • Challenge in learning
  4. Benefits - Flexibility

    Slide 4 - Benefits - Flexibility

    • Allows students to work at a pace consistent with their ability
    • Students can access and participate in courses beyond grade level/at own academic level
    • Explore more specific areas of interest
    • Wide range of resources and strategies to suit individual learners
  5. Benefits – Communication

    Slide 5 - Benefits – Communication

    • Addressing individual students needs is made easier through one-on-one email correspondence
    • Provided platform for open and honest communication and exposure to various viewpoints
    • Communication with like-minded peers
    • “My son finally realised that there are other kids who’s thought processes are as complex as his” – (Blair, 201)
  6. Benefits – Quality Instruction

    Slide 6 - Benefits – Quality Instruction

    • High level questioning
    • Engage in tasks that result in products for an authentic purpose
    • Challenging tasks = fun!
  7. Challenges - Flexibility

    Slide 7 - Challenges - Flexibility

    • Requires a good deal of self direction
    • Technology can be frustrating when not working properly
  8. Challenges - Communication

    Slide 8 - Challenges - Communication

    • Interactions with younger students
    • Unable to “faceread”
    • Extroverted students miss the face-to-face interactions with peers
    • Students who do not have strong verbal/reading skills may experience disadvantage if the online learning environment is text heavy
  9. Challenges – Quality Instruction

    Slide 9 - Challenges – Quality Instruction

    • Pressure on teacher to create and motivate extrinsically in different ways as there is a lack of face to face time
    • Breakdown in communication could result in situations deteriorating without either party realising that there is a problem until too late.
  10. Concluding statements

    Slide 10 - Concluding statements

    • Overall very positive
    • Next step – find some providers
  11. References

    Slide 11 - References

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