End of World War I


End of World War I

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  1. End of World War I

    Slide 1 - End of World War I

    • Old Powers Exit as New Powers Enter and the Great War Comes to a Close
  2. Russia on the Eastern Front

    Slide 3 - Russia on the Eastern Front

    • Russia had something to prove after their defeat in the Russo-Japanese War
    • When they first met Germany at the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914 they were severely outmatched
    • Germany proved the Russian army was ill armed and poorly trained
    • A non-industrialized Russia continues to have huge issues at home and on the front lines throughout the war
  3. Russian Surrender at Tannenberg 1914

    Slide 4 - Russian Surrender at Tannenberg 1914

  4. Russia Withdraws

    Slide 5 - Russia Withdraws

    • Starvation and mistreatment leads to a revolution where the Czar is overthrown
    • Communist leader Vladimir Lenin seized power over Russia
    • He signs a truce with Germany having Russia leave World War I
    • This lets Germany focus completely on the western front
  5. Western Front

    Slide 6 - Western Front

    • Change in Warfare from traditional combat to slow trench fighting leads to stalemate on the Western front
    • Battles with massive losses take a huge toll on the nations involved
  6. German U-Boat

    Slide 7 - German U-Boat

  7. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    Slide 8 - Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    • The Germans had a special U-Boat submarine to compete with the British Navy
    • This led to unrestricted submarine warfare - no control over what they targeted
    • In 1915 they sunk a British passenger ship called the Lusitania
    • 128 American civilians were on board angering President Wilson
    • Germany stopped using unrestricted attacks until 1917 when they got desperate to defeat the British after heavy losses
  8. United States Join the War

    Slide 9 - United States Join the War

    • British officials intercepted a telegram from Germany to Mexico
    • Germany would help Mexico take back territory lost to the U.S.
    • This telegram is known as the Zimmerman Note
    • On April 2, 1917, President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany.
  9. Slide 10

    • A Truly Global War
  10. Tide Turns For the Allies

    Slide 11 - Tide Turns For the Allies

    • Fresh American troops and arms help push the stalemate in the Allies favor
    • At the 2nd Battle of the Marne over 300 tanks and reinforcements help defeat the Germans
    • Germany no longer has the manpower to support the central powers from losses
  11. Central Powers Collapse

    Slide 12 - Central Powers Collapse

    • Without German support the Ottoman Empire fell out of World War I by the end of 1918
    • The Austro-Hungarian Empire soon followed leading to the collapse of both once great empires
    • Germany eventually signs an Armistice in November of 1918
  12. Treaty of Versailles

    Slide 13 - Treaty of Versailles

  13. Treaty of Versailles

    Slide 14 - Treaty of Versailles

    • The Allied Powers met at the Palace of Versailles in France to decide the Treaty in 1919
    • Germany was left out of negotiations
    • US President Woodrow Wilson had 14 Points to achieve Peace in the World
    • Set up League of Nations
  14. World After the War

    Slide 15 - World After the War

  15. Legacy of World War One

    Slide 16 - Legacy of World War One

    • Left the nation in shambles and the people angry
    • Germany was blamed completely for ALL war guilt
    • Japan and Italy felt left out of negotiations for the world
    • Left the world in a interconnected industrial state