Conflict Lesson-Part 1


Conflict Lesson-Part 1

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  1. Lesson Objectives

    Slide 2 - Lesson Objectives

    • Essential Question(s): Is conflict necessary?
    • By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:
    • Define conflict, protagonist, and antagonist
    • Explain and identify the 4 different types of conflict.
    • State Standards:
    • E08.A-K.1.1 Demonstrate understanding of key ideas and details in literature.
    • Student Terms: Understand main ideas and details when reading.
  2. Vocabulary

    Slide 3 - Vocabulary

    • Conflict
    • Protagonist
    • Antagonist
    • Man vs. man
    • Man vs. self
    • Man vs. nature
    • Man vs. society
    • Let’s review our vocab terms, class!
  3. What is Conflict?

    Slide 4 - What is Conflict?

    • A conflict is a problem that the main character or characters face.
    • The main character can also be known as the protagonist or the “good guy”
    • Examples
    • An arctic adventurer struggles to survive hunger and cold.
    • A brother and sister fight over control of the television.
    • Every story worth reading has a conflict.
    • If there is no conflict, there is no tension.
    • Some stories has multiple conflicts.
  4. Conflict is a struggle or problem faced by the main character or protagonist

    Slide 5 - Conflict is a struggle or problem faced by the main character or protagonist

    • Conflict drives the plot of the a story.
    • Conflict can be negative, but it can also be positive
    • Quick Review
  5. Types of Conflict

    Slide 6 - Types of Conflict

  6. Break it down!

    Slide 7 - Break it down!

  7. Man vs. Man

    Slide 8 - Man vs. Man

    • The character faces opposition or disagreement from another person or group of people.
    • Examples
    • Two girls compete for the same role in the school play.
    • A ninja warrior fights a rival clan to avenge his master's death.
  8. Man vs. Self

    Slide 9 - Man vs. Self

    • The main character faces an internal struggle.
    • Examples
    • A young man goes through hard times after losing his father in a car accident.
    • An Olympic athlete pushes his performance to the limit despite his physical disability
  9. Man vs. Nature

    Slide 10 - Man vs. Nature

    • The main character struggles against animals, the elements, or other natural forces.
    • Examples
    • A castaway washes up on an island and must learn to survive with the available resources.
    • A ship captain pursues a great white whale through stormy seas.
  10. Man vs. Society

    Slide 11 - Man vs. Society

    • The main character or group of characters battles against traditions, institutions, or laws.
    • Examples
    • A student takes his fight against the school dress code all the way to the Supreme Court.
    • A group of students protest in front of a university known for its unfair and racially motivated admission practices.