Situated Learning Theory


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  1. Situated Learning

    Slide 1 - Situated Learning

    • The Ins and Outs of Learning by Doing
    • By Jason Barr
  2. Today you will…

    Slide 2 - Today you will…

    • determine what key components are integral to the situated learning theory
    • apply the situated learning theory by providing an example of how it can be used in the music field.
    • construct examples of how it can be applied in your own field
  3. What is situated learning?

    Slide 3 - What is situated learning?

    • Learning by doing and making connections with people…being an apprentice
    • First introduced by anthropologist Jean Lave and educational theorist Etienne Wenger in the early 1990’s.
    • Theorists Dewey, Vygotsky, and Montessori’s work inspired this theory
  4. Five Foundational Points

    Slide 4 - Five Foundational Points

    • Takes place in the context in which it is applied
    • Knowledge needs to be presented in an authentic context
  5. Five Foundational Points

    Slide 5 - Five Foundational Points

    • Emphasizes the application of knowledge
    • Requires social interaction and collaboration
    • Unintentional rather than deliberate
  6. Community of Practice

    Slide 6 - Community of Practice

    • According to co-author Etienne Wenger, there are 3 key elements involved in a community of practice:
    • The domain
    • The community
    • The practice
  7. Xerox as a Community of Practice

    Slide 7 - Xerox as a Community of Practice

    • The domain-Xerox Corporation
    • The community-Service representatives
    • The practice-Besides providing the various employees with helpful insights to use in their individual days work, their interactions produced a resource (Eureka) that had a major effect on their practice.
  8. Legitimate Peripheral Participation

    Slide 8 - Legitimate Peripheral Participation

    • Legitimate
    • Peripheral
    • Participation
  9. Situated Learning in Music

    Slide 9 - Situated Learning in Music

    • What is jazz music?
    • Well-known jazz musicians
    • Jazz as popular music
  10. Situated Learning in Music

    Slide 10 - Situated Learning in Music

  11. Situated Learning in Music

    Slide 12 - Situated Learning in Music

    • Jazz studies in colleges
    • Teaching jazz has changed
    • Jazz related to situated learning
  12. Thank you for listening and sharing today!

    Slide 14 - Thank you for listening and sharing today!