Biodiversity and Sustainability


Biodiversity and Sustainability

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  1. Biodiversity and Sustainability

    Slide 1 - Biodiversity and Sustainability

  2. Biodiversity

    Slide 2 - Biodiversity

    • The richness and variety of life
    • Genes
    • Species
    • Ecosystems
  3. Why is biodiversity important?

    Slide 4 - Why is biodiversity important?

    • Biodiversity keeps the earth healthy and provides for people
    • Provides
    • Food
    • Medicine
    • Contributes to the global economy
  4. Sustainability

    Slide 5 - Sustainability

    • The ability to maintain ecological processes over long periods of time
    • Sustainability of an ecosystem is the ability of that ecosystem to maintain its structure and function overtime in the face of external stress
    • Strongly linked to ecosystem health
    • The more sustainable an ecosystem, the healthier it is
  5. Biodiversity and Sustainability

    Slide 6 - Biodiversity and Sustainability

    • Biodiversity of an ecosystem contributes to the sustainability of that ecosystem
    • More biodiversity = more sustainability
    • Lower biodiversity = less sustainability
    • Higher biodiversity in an ecosystem means that there is a great variety of genes and species in that ecosystem
    • A greater variety of genes and species means that the ecosystem is better able to carry out natural processes in the face of external stress
  6. Biodiversity, Sustainability, and Humans

    Slide 7 - Biodiversity, Sustainability, and Humans

    • The more stable an ecosystem is, the better it is for the environment and for people
    • People use ecosystems for food, medicine, and for the economy
    • It is in everyone’s best interest to increase the sustainability of ecosystems
    • How can we do this?
  7. Biodiversity and Agriculture

    Slide 8 - Biodiversity and Agriculture

    • Farmers rely on services from an ecosystem to produce food and the health of the ecosystem is dependent on biodiversity
    • Crops need pollinators
    • Agriculture needs to help maintain biodiversity and not hurt it
  8. Agrobiodiversity

    Slide 9 - Agrobiodiversity

    • Refers to the biodiversity among planned agricultural crops and livestock
    • Farmers selectively choosing crops for their hardiness to disease and poor soils
  9. Biodiversity and Modern Industrial Food System

    Slide 10 - Biodiversity and Modern Industrial Food System

    • 75% of crop genetic diversity has been lost
    • The loss is to the simplification of crops
    • Crops are planted to yield the most profit not to maintain biodiversity
    • The loss can be dangerous because the food supply is vulnerable to pest outbreaks
    • Excessive manure and pesticide runoff negatively impacts ecosystems