Technology Lending Grant Parent Video


Technology Lending Grant Parent Video

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  1. Technology Lending Grant

    Slide 1 - Technology Lending Grant

    • Birdville Independent School District
    • Spring 2015
  2. Provide portable broadband-enabled mobile devices for students without Internet services.

    Slide 2 - Provide portable broadband-enabled mobile devices for students without Internet services.

    • Participate in instruction that includes student-centered inquiry-based activities.
    • Increase State standardized Math, Science and Reading scores.
    • Grant Objectives
  3. Equipment

    Slide 3 - Equipment

    • Your student will receive an iPad Air, a keyboard case, and AT&T Broadband Service.
    • The iPad will be checked out to your student through their school’s Library Media Specialist.
    • Devices must be checked back in by the Library Media Specialist before summer break or student withdrawal.
  4. Acceptable Use Policy

    Slide 4 - Acceptable Use Policy

    • Students will be held to the Birdville ISD Acceptable Use Policy
    • The AUP can be viewed at
    • *see handout
  5. Digital Citizenship: Etiquette

    Slide 5 - Digital Citizenship: Etiquette

  6. Cyber-bullying

    Slide 6 - Cyber-bullying

  7. Being Cyber Bullied?

    Slide 7 - Being Cyber Bullied?

    • • Tell your parents, teacher or other trusted adult.
    • • Save and store the emails, chat logs, or SMS’s in case of School or Police investigation
    • • Block and delete the bully from all contact lists
    • • Do not respond to nasty emails, chats, SMS or comments – this is what the bully wants so ignore them.
  8. Copyright Basics

    Slide 8 - Copyright Basics

    • Watch this Video for the Basics
  9. Digital Footprint

    Slide 9 - Digital Footprint

    • Digital Footprint is the trail, or "footprints" that people leave online.
  10. What does your footprint say about you?

    Slide 10 - What does your footprint say about you?

    • It can say whatever you want it to say!
    • It is your online reputation. Make it a good one!
    • Built from what You and your Friends post and share.
  11. Who Cares about your Footprint?

    Slide 11 - Who Cares about your Footprint?

    • Parents
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Future Employers
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Teachers
    • You
    • You only get one chance at making your footprint
  12. Pay attention

    Slide 12 - Pay attention

    • to when your child is accessing the internet, where they are going, and what they are doing there.
    • Tips for Parents
  13. Have conversations

    Slide 13 - Have conversations

    • with your children about what to do when they come across questionable/inappropriate material.
    • Tips for Parents
  14. Slide 14

    • Set Rules for internet use. Suggestions include:
    • restricting internet after 9 or 10pm
    • only allowing internet usage in common areas in the home
    • talk to parents of your children’s friends to know the internet rules/allowances for their family
    • Tips for Parents
  15. Slide 15

    • BISD Technology Digital Citizenship
    • Resources for Parents
    • Shortcut
  16. Carefully transport your device at all times.

    Slide 16 - Carefully transport your device at all times.

    • Do not place weight on the device.
    • Never throw or slide an iPad.
    • Never expose the iPad to temperature extremes.
    • Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Tip: A vehicle is not a good place to store any electronic device.
    • iPad Care
  17. Damaged, Lost or Stolen

    Slide 17 - Damaged, Lost or Stolen

    • In a situation where an iPad is damaged. The iPad needs to be brought to the Library Media Specialist and will be handled on an individual basis.
    • Loss or theft of the property, including iPad, case, keyboard, wires and adapter, must be reported to the student's campus Library Media Specialist by the next school day after the occurrence, and a copy of the police report must be provided to the District.
    • *see handout
  18. How to get the iPad

    Slide 18 - How to get the iPad

    • Sign and return the back page of the
    • “Birdville ISD STUDENT - PARENT IPAD USER AGREEMENT POLICY 2014-2015” to your Campus Librarian.
    • *see handout