Phase Changes


Phase Changes

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  1. Phase Changes

    Slide 1 - Phase Changes

    • By Reilly Mercer
  2. Interesting Fact

    Slide 2 - Interesting Fact

    • Did you know that swamp coolers use phase changes? The evaporation of water in the swamp cooler cools the air.
  3. Solids

    Slide 3 - Solids

    • Definite shape and volume.
    • Particles are tightly packed and orderly.
    • Solid to liquid process is called melting.
    • Solid to gas process is called sublimation.
  4. Liquids

    Slide 4 - Liquids

    • Definite volume, indefinite shape.
    • Particles are spread out, clustered.
    • Liquid to solid process is called freezing.
    • Liquid to gas process is called vaporization.
  5. Gases

    Slide 5 - Gases

    • Indefinite volume, indefinite shape.
    • Particles are far spread out.
    • Gas to solid process is called deposition.
    • Gas to liquid process is called condensation.
  6. Phase Change Diagram

    Slide 6 - Phase Change Diagram

    • The temperature of a substance will not change during a phase change.
    • Heat of fusion is the total energy something absorbs when it melts. The amount of energy is the same when freezes.
  7. Phase Change Cycle

    Slide 7 - Phase Change Cycle

    • Endothermic is energy absorbed from the environments surroundings.
    • Exothermic is energy released to the surrounding environment.
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    Slide 8 - Works Cited

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