symbiosis a way of living



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symbiosis a way of living
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  1.       Symbiosis

    Slide 1 - Symbiosis

    • Algae
    • Food
    • Fungi
    • Lichens
    • A way of living
    • Haven’t seen this type of view on bark of trees
    • The green colored colonies called algae
    • Blue or dark green colored colonies are called fungi
    • Both combined called lichens
    • Algae are autotrophs
    • Using water co2& sunlight in chloroplast algae prepare food
    • Algae share food with fungi
    • Fungi protect algae from intense light &dry up conditions
  2. A way of living

    Slide 2 - A way of living

    • Live together, taking care of each other
    • 2 different organisms