Module 2


Module 2

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  1. Module Three

    Slide 1 - Module Three

    • Iconic Images
  2. Pre-Civil Rights Movement

    Slide 5 - Pre-Civil Rights Movement

    • Lynchings
  3. Slide 6

    • Break the last slide into two, circle the crowd in the first one and discuss how it is representative and reflective of an ideology of racial hatred. A family day out, seen as a festive celebration where you wear your Sunday best, as poor youths are dragged from a cell or wherever, beaten and murdered. Bring the kids along… does the narrator create a tone of despair or bitterness or irony?
    • Then circle a couple of hangings …
  4. Segregation

    Slide 7 - Segregation

  5. Pre-Civil Rights Movement

    Slide 8 - Pre-Civil Rights Movement

    • Jim Crow Laws
  6. Civil Rights Movement

    Slide 9 - Civil Rights Movement

    • Rosa Parks
    • Montgomery Bus
  7. Civil Rights Movement

    Slide 10 - Civil Rights Movement

    • E.D Nixon
  8. Civil Rights Movement

    Slide 11 - Civil Rights Movement

    • Martin Luther King
    • Inspired by Montgomery Bus Boycott
    • His achievements youtube,
  9. Image Analysis

    Slide 12 - Image Analysis

  10. Image Analysis

    Slide 13 - Image Analysis

  11. Image Analysis

    Slide 14 - Image Analysis

  12. Appropriations/Parodies

    Slide 15 - Appropriations/Parodies

  13. Appropriations/Parodies

    Slide 16 - Appropriations/Parodies

    • Male/Female Toilets
    • Ask your audience to consider the image. Pause for 2 seconds. Without the presence of Erwitt’s iconic image in terms of intertextuality, one would not associate this image with segregation and inequality, however, since it obviously appropriates the structure of Erwitt’s photo, is free and even invited to consider it in terms of gender equality and justice.
  14. Appropriations/Parodies

    Slide 17 - Appropriations/Parodies

    • Mississippi Burning
    • Brief synopsis of film. When and what it is about. Since the film opens with this image, it clearly uses the power of the iconic photo to present racism and injustice as a central theme
  15. Conclusion

    Slide 18 - Conclusion

    • Sum up the image and what it represents
    • Show myself roughly 15 seconds