Programming Skills: Troubleshooting


Programming Skills: Troubleshooting

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  1. Programming Skills

    Slide 1 - Programming Skills

    • Debugging a Program
  2. “My computer deleted my homework!”

    Slide 2 - “My computer deleted my homework!”

    • Computers never make mistakes.
    • They do exactly what the programmer tells them to do.
    • If something goes wrong, it can be fixed.
  3. Debugging

    Slide 3 - Debugging

    • Debugging is a process that is used to systematically check and fix a faulty program
  4. Debugging is systematic

    Slide 4 - Debugging is systematic

    • Debugging requires controlling variables
    • That means, making one change at a time
    • If you make many changes at once, you won’t know what actually fixed the problem (and you may even cause more problems)
  5. Rules for Debugging

    Slide 5 - Rules for Debugging

    • SAVE AS: Save As your program before doing any debugging and after any successful steps. (You should have many versions of each program with slightly different names).
    • CHANGELOG: Keep a record, called a “changelog” of every change you make. Take note if it was successful or unsuccessful. (This is especially important when working with other programmers on the same code).