My year powerpoint


My year powerpoint

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  1. My first year

    Slide 1 - My first year

    • By Tyler Gales
  2. My time here

    Slide 2 - My time here

    • My time here at has been a good one, I have made new friends and continued to be with some of my old ones.
  3. Average school day

    Slide 3 - Average school day

    • Our average school day is 7 hours long
    • We have 5 classes a day
    • Lunch is at 1:10
    • We start school at 9, and leave at 4
  4. What we have done this year

    Slide 5 - What we have done this year

    • We have learned a lot this year, from how to stop bleeding to how to do CPR (just not certified)
    • We have learned many skills from Mr. Ward, and I know I will use these skills in my future.
  5. What we do

    Slide 6 - What we do

    • Mock car crashes
    • MCI’s
    • Bus extractions
  6. Gym

    Slide 8 - Gym

    • We have a full CrossFit gym with weights
    • Wide array of different workouts are possible
  7. Field trips

    Slide 9 - Field trips

    • We have only had one field trip this year, and even though it was short, it was fun. We are also planning on having one more before the end of the year.
  8. Certificates

    Slide 10 - Certificates

    • We have only just started getting our certificates, the FEMA Incident Command System, and we are starting out second one.
  9. Brandon

    Slide 12 - Brandon

  10. skills

    Slide 13 - skills

    • We have done many skills, from basic scene safety to handling mass casualty incidents.
  11. Our spare time

    Slide 15 - Our spare time

    • In our spare time, we like to hang out and relax in be.Central, and the RESC building.
    • We also go outside and play hacky sack, football, and ultimate Frisbee.
    • We also climb the rock wall if Mr. Ward allows.