Wonders of Technology

Transcontinental Railroad, Camera and Typewriter

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Wonders of Technology

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Transcontinental Railroad, Camera and Typewriter
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  1. Wonders of Technology

    Slide 1 - Wonders of Technology

    • Text pp. 281b-284a
  2. Key Terms:

    Slide 2 - Key Terms:

    • *First Transcontinental Railroad: Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad
    • --Those who built the railroad – Chinese and Irish immigrants, Civil War Veterans
    • --May 10, 1869 – Promontory Point, UT
    • --Gold Spike
    • *George Eastman – Kodak Camera 1888
    • --box camera and roll film
    • *Christopher Sholes – Typewriter 1866
    • --QWERTY System
    • --Mark Twain – first to type an entire book on the typewriter
  3. Transcontinental Railroad: Work Begins

    Slide 3 - Transcontinental Railroad: Work Begins

    • *Work began in 1863 as two railroads started laying tracks heading towards each other. They were the Central Pacific Railroad of California, and the Union Pacific Railroad began in Omaha, Nebraska.
    • *The Union Pacific used Civil War veterans and Irish Immigrants to lay their tracks.
    • *The Central Pacific used 10,000 Chinese Immigrants.
    • *Dangers for all: Indian attacks and the rugged mountains.
    • *Both companies raced to the finish line in Promontory Point, Utah.
  4. Transcontinental Railroad: 				It’s Impact

    Slide 4 - Transcontinental Railroad: It’s Impact

  5. Camera and Typewriter:

    Slide 5 - Camera and Typewriter:

    • *George Eastman – 1888 – invented the box camera that was first to use roll film.
    • --Cost: $25 which included camera and roll of film with 100 photos guaranteed.
    • --Used cameras were sent to the factory to have the film developed and camera reloaded.
    • *Impact: American families captured daily events.
    • *Christopher Sholes – 1866 – invented the first practical commercial typewriter
    • --QWERTY System – developed to separate the most commonly used keys to prevent sticking – not in alphabetical order as the early models were.
    • --Sholes got his idea from watching someone play the piano.
    • *Impact: It benefitted businesses greatly and Mark Twain became the first to type an entire book using the typewriter (Life on the Mississippi).