Mother's Day Love


Mother's Day Love

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day

    Slide 1 - Happy Mother’s Day

    • Simone and Claire
  2. Mother’s Day

    Slide 2 - Mother’s Day

    • National celebration honoring one’s mother
    • Mother’s Day began in the early 20th century
    • Ann Jarvis create Mother’s day and it was officially recognized 1910 in Ann’s home state , West Virginia
    • As the United States holiday was adopted in other countries and cultures, the date was changed to fit already existing holidays honoring mothers
  3. My Beautiful Mom

    Slide 3 - My Beautiful Mom

  4. All of the trips

    Slide 4 - All of the trips

  5. Love you mom

    Slide 5 - Love you mom

    • ➹you are awesome
    • ➹you are going to make STEM amazing
    • ➹I love going to Mammoth as the three of us
    • ➹Thank you for being awesome sauce, for getting Flurry the awesomest cat ever, and for being there for us, and for rocking out to ALIEN ANT FARM!!!!!
  6. Keep Calm and ????

    Slide 6 - Keep Calm and ????

  7. Surprise ( look behind you !)

    Slide 7 - Surprise ( look behind you !)

    • I Love You