science separating challenge powerpoint


science separating challenge powerpoint

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  1. Pure or Not

    Slide 1 - Pure or Not

    • Separation challenge
  2. Separating Mixtures

    Slide 2 - Separating Mixtures

    • Aim: To separate all Mixtures
    • Materials: salt, sand, iron filings, rice and poyletsyren, magnet, Bunsen burner, watch glass, 100ml beaker, water, tripod, gauze mat, filter paper, funnel, boss clamp, stand
    • Method:
    • Use the magnet with a plastic bag to remove iron filings
    • Pour the mixture into the sieve then pour into beaker (3 of the sieve sizes)
    • Add 40ml of water to the mixture
    • Add folded filter paper to funnel
    • Then pour the mixture into the funnel
    • Set up the tripod/gauze mat and Bunsen burner
    • Half fill the 100ml beaker and place on tripod/gauze mat
    • Pour the mixture in the watch glass
    • Carefully put watch glass on top of the 100ml beaker
    • Light the Bunsen burner and place under and place under the tripod/gauze mat
    • Wait for evaporation
    • Leave the Bunsen burner to cool down
  3. Steps to Separating Mixtures

    Slide 3 - Steps to Separating Mixtures

    • Magnetism
    • Separating mixtures
    • Separating the salt water with a funnel
    • Pour the salt water in the funnel
    • Set up the materials and let the salt water evaporate
  4. Discussion

    Slide 4 - Discussion

    • Separating the mixture
    • We had one difficulties and it was the filter paper because a hole got in the paper but everything else was good and we had lots of fun and had a laugh
    • We used lots of materials and we got everything separated all of the mixtures and what’s left is foam, iron filings and sand with salt on the watch glass.
    • We would change the 40ml to 50ml
    • And I think that is all
  5. Magnetism

    Slide 5 - Magnetism

    • Iron filings
    • We used the magnet
    • To separate the iron filings from the other substances and materials
    • Filtering
    • filtering
    • Rice/foam
    • Sandy water
    • We used the 3 filters and made sure we got all the substances separated it from the sand
    • Pour it in the funnel and the salt water is filtrate and the left over substances is called sediment
    • Evaporation and crystallization
    • Salt water
    • Put the salt water onto the watch glass and let it boil for 5 mins
    • Results
    • Watch glass
    • Crystallisation
  6. Conclusion

    Slide 6 - Conclusion

  7. Quiz

    Slide 7 - Quiz

  8.                                 Thank you for listening!

    Slide 8 - Thank you for listening!