Office Mix Template for AR Task


Office Mix Template for AR Task

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  1. Office Mix Template

    Slide 1 - Office Mix Template

    • By grace gimpel
  2. What is Augmented Reality?

    Slide 2 - What is Augmented Reality?

    • Augmented reality was created by professor Tom Caudell in 1990. The project was created to help companies engineer projects and to evolve virtual reality.
    • Augmented reality is normally hidden behind a marker and can only be activated by an app that you can purchase
    • The app will scan a marker and a 3d object will appear and mill move around the screen doing various things that you program it to do. Such as make Spiderman jump out of the screen, or to make a virtual birthday cake for a friends birthday
  3. Augmented Reality Apps

    Slide 3 - Augmented Reality Apps

    • Aurasma is awesome, you take an object and scan it and Aurasma takes the object and makes apart of it comes to life by using electronic characters that you can program to do anything.
  4. Augmented Reality used in Business

    Slide 4 - Augmented Reality used in Business

    • This person has used augmented reality to show there costumers what their house will look like and to show them a virtual map and floor plan.
  5. Augmented Reality used in Education

    Slide 5 - Augmented Reality used in Education

    • Show posters or images of a student using AR in the learning process. Use the Mix ‘Insert Audio’ function to create a voiceover that explains the activity
  6. AR Spot

    Slide 6 - AR Spot

  7. True or false

    Slide 7 - True or false

    • Augmented reality is available for ipod, I pad and Samsung devices
    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  8. Correct

    Slide 8 - Correct


    Slide 9 - INCORRECT