Shakespearean Drama


Shakespearean Drama

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  1. Shakespearean Drama

    Slide 1 - Shakespearean Drama

    • By Emily Gutierrez
  2. Do you like a good story?

    Slide 2 - Do you like a good story?

  3. William Shakespeare

    Slide 3 - William Shakespeare

    •  Lived in England during the Renaissance.
    • (Renaissance was a time for renewed interest in science, commerce, philosophy, and art.)
    • Summarize human emotions in a cool way :D
  4. Theater in Shakespeare's Day

    Slide 4 - Theater in Shakespeare's Day

    • London theaters attracted audiences rich and poor.
    • Shakespeare appealed to audience members of all classes
    • Poetic speeches, exciting action, fast-paced humor and wise observations on human behavior.
    • theaters had no curtains, artificial lighting, and little scenery.
    • Instead, props, sound effects, and sometimes lines of dialog let the audience know where a scene took place.
    • Costumes helped audience believe that women were playing female roles
    • it was considered improper for women to be on stage.
  5. Citations

    Slide 5 - Citations