Creating a Brochure mix

Created this for a class where we were supposed to explain how to use the program that we used to create a brochure assignment.

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Creating a Brochure mix

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Created this for a class where we were supposed to explain how to use the program that we used to create a brochure assignment.
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  1. Creating a Brochure

    Slide 1 - Creating a Brochure

    • Using Microsoft Publisher
  2. Microsoft Publisher

    Slide 2 - Microsoft Publisher

    • Choosing Publisher for your brochure means that you won't have to build all the panels yourself. Publisher has everything pre-built for you – the different panels, the separate pages. It even gives you a side-by-side view of the two pages that your brochure is made of.
    • Using Publisher is easier than you might imagine, though it is different from the more popular Microsoft Office applications that you might already be used to. This presentation will give you a quick overview of building a publication using Microsoft Publisher.
  3. Choosing Your Publication

    Slide 3 - Choosing Your Publication

    • The first thing that you need to do is open Publisher program or application. Look for the logo on the right, double click, and wait for it to open.
    • The application will open onto a screen with a number of the more popular themes for different publications. You can choose one of these, or you can type “brochure” into the search box at the top of the page. All you have to do to select one of the themes is press enter.
  4. Creating Your Publication

    Slide 4 - Creating Your Publication

    • Take a look at how the pages are laid out.
    • Is everything laid out in the way you want it to be?
    • Are there enough headings for your content?
    • Is there enough room for your content?
    • Make sure you like the design you chose before you start adding your content.
    • You can change your template by pressing the far left side of the Page Design tab at the top of the page in the Ribbon.
    • If you like your template, next check out the font and colors.
    • Colors can be changed by going to the Page Design tab on the Ribbon and changing the color scheme using one of the preset color schemes that look like this:
    • Fonts can be changed using the button that says “Fonts” right next to colors.
    • Make sure all of your content fits when you change it; sometimes, the fonts are different sizes.
  5. Adding Your Content

    Slide 5 - Adding Your Content

    • Most of the Microsoft Publisher documents are self-explanatory.
    • A lot of the publications come with instructions, especially if you choose one of the popular templates.
    • For the templates without instructions, they have false content, usually in Latin, to show you where and how to put your content.
    • All of the content in your publication will be in text or picture boxes.
    • To add text content, merely start typing in one of the text boxes.
    • Make sure you don't type your content where your headings are supposed to be; the content and headings are in the same box.
    • Be careful with your text content! Some of the text boxes cut off your words but let you keep typing, while others continue your text into the next panel.
    • Graphics can be added by selecting the stock photo already present in the document, opening the Format tab in the Ribbon, and selecting “Change Picture”.
  6. Editing Your Brochure

    Slide 6 - Editing Your Brochure

    • The text and picture boxes are dragable, so you can move them around.
    • If you can resize a picture or text box just like you would in any other application:
    • Select the picture or text box
    • Click on one of the white circles on the edge of the box
    • Drag the marker around until you get it to the right size.
    • I’d suggest using the corners, because they are multi-directional with text and keep pictures to scale
    • Deleting parts of the premade templates is easy
    • Select a text or picture box
    • Click on the content, then click on the dotted line that appears around it
    • Press “Delete” if you are absolutely sure you want to completely get rid of it
    • Cut it out if you may want to re-insert it somewhere else
    • Right click then select “Cut” from the dialogue box that appears
    • OR
    • Press “Ctrl” and “X” at the same time on your keyboard
    • The layout of your brochure can be changed without changing the template.
  7. Editing Your Brochure

    Slide 7 - Editing Your Brochure

    • To add additional pictures or graphics, just insert them from the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
    • Don’t forget to size and move it so that it fits into your brochure.
    • There are two ways to access the Format menu for a picture or graphic:
    • Right click on a picture and select “Format” from the dialog box that appears.
    • Select the graphic and then open the Format tab on the Ribbon.
    • You can insert a graphic into a text box then format it so that text “wraps” around it.
    • Insert the graphic as in the discussion to the left.
    • Enter the Format Screen.
    • Choose your “Wrap Text” option.
    • You can add more pictures or format the ones already present in the publication.
  8. Publishing Your Brochure

    Slide 8 - Publishing Your Brochure

    • When you’re done with your brochure, you need to save it.
    • Publisher allows you to save in multiple formats to make it easier to print or post.
    • Save your brochure from the File tab on the Ribbon.
    • Choose your file format with the dialog box that appears.
    • PDF is suggested for web or professional publishing.
    • Publisher Files is suggested if you still want to edit it after you’re done.
    • Word 2007-2013 is suggested if you’re sending it to be edited by someone who doesn’t have Publisher.
    • GIF or JPEG is suggested if you’re inserting it into a different publication as a picture.
    • After you save, make sure to reopen and check the file. Changing the file type can change the formatting.
    • Make sure that you’ve saved it as a Publisher file in addition to whatever new file you wanted.
  9. Publishing Your Brochure

    Slide 9 - Publishing Your Brochure

    • You can also save from the Export page in the File tab.
    • This gives you options for saving:
    • As a PDF
    • As a web page (HTML)
    • For Photo Printing
    • For a Commercial Printer
    • For Another Computer
    • You have to have already saved as a .pub (Publisher File) before you can save anything other than PDF or HTML from this screen.