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  1. Put Daniel to the test and he will always be the best.

    Slide 1 - Put Daniel to the test and he will always be the best.

    • By Daniel Acevedo
    • 7th Grader
    • For V.P
    • *Dramatic Entrance*
  2. If I win

    Slide 2 - If I win

    • I plan to try to add more ACTIVITIES to do at school.
    • Also, we are probably doing yearbook next year so, I’ll make sure to inform the Yearbook Editor about some of YOUR ideas.
    • Vote Daniel Acevedo 😏
  3. What made me want to run?

    Slide 3 - What made me want to run?

    • I wanted to run because usually I wasn’t involved in school….
    • But this year, I decided to try leadership. It was really fun but I wanted to be more than just a member of that amazing group.
    • So, I decided to run for office to be one of the leaders for that group.
    • Vote Daniel Acevedo 4 V.P
  4. Why Should I Win?

    Slide 4 - Why Should I Win?

    • Some people might already know me but if you don’t, I am pretty goofy. But….
    • When I need to, I can be really responsible. I think I would make a good leader. My average grades are 4.0 or 3.83
    • Vote DANIEL 😏ACEVEDO😄 4 V.P
  5. That Concludes My Presentation

    Slide 5 - That Concludes My Presentation

    • I hope I convinced you
    • And
    • I hope you learned more about me
    • Well BYEE