MIE Journey


MIE Journey

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  1. My MIE Expert Journey

    Slide 1 - My MIE Expert Journey

    • Julie Cooper
    • Teacher of O365 and Numeracy
    • Sandymoor School
    • 2014/2015
  2. Hello and Welcome….

    Slide 2 - Hello and Welcome….

    • This is me…
    • An Ordinary Person…..
    • Achieving Extraordinary things…..
    • @SandymoorSchool, I teach Office 365 skills and Numeracy skills to our F1(yr7) and F2(yr8) classes…..
    • My passion…. To help young people be the best they can by passing on vital life skills that I have discovered along my life journey….
    • This is Sandymoor School…
  3. November 8th – received an email from Andy to say I am on the team and to submit a learning activity on to the Educators Network.

    Slide 3 - November 8th – received an email from Andy to say I am on the team and to submit a learning activity on to the Educators Network.

    • And so the journey begins….
    • November 20th – My first experience of the Connection call, how wonderful to share Microsoft experiences globally….
  4. The launch event….

    Slide 4 - The launch event….

    • Getting to know all the 2015 MIE’s….. Exciting announcements…..
    • Microsoft HQ. London, December 5th
    • Exciting announcements….
    • Steve Beswick announces
    • That we are all to receive a gift
    • From Microsoft, a fantastic
    • Surface Pro3 device.
  5. A special arrival…..

    Slide 5 - A special arrival…..

    • I love my Surface Pro3…… My ipad is now redundant…..
  6. My Surface Pro3…..

    Slide 6 - My Surface Pro3…..

    • I use my Surface everyday in school and at home
    • It is such a versatile device, it is light and very portable but has all the power and more features
    • Of my standard Laptop and Tablet all rolled into one device.
    • It has the added feature of Inking, this is very useful to Teachers when demonstrating in class
    • Or marking work.
    • At Sandymoor we are now able to connect our Surface to the projectors and use them wireless through
    • The Microsoft wireless HDMI Adapter, so that we are able to move around the class and interact with the
    • Students whilst teaching.
  7. Office 365….

    Slide 7 - Office 365….

    • At Sandymoor Office 365 is at heart of everything we do.
    • Collaboration
    • Learning
    • Communication
    • Students and Staff access the O365 sites in school and at home
  8. Office 365….

    Slide 8 - Office 365….

    • I use the Technology/Computing Site on O365 to enable our students to access files for our lessons.
  9. Office 365….

    Slide 9 - Office 365….

  10. Microsoft Office Specialist Training…..

    Slide 10 - Microsoft Office Specialist Training…..

    • Independent student training
  11. OneNote….

    Slide 11 - OneNote….

  12. OneNote….

    Slide 12 - OneNote….

    • At Sandymoor all staff members collaborate together using a School Staff Notebook in OneNote
  13. Blog……

    Slide 13 - Blog……

    • Thank you for taking the time to view my Office Mix…
    • My experiences so far with the MIE expert have been amazing.
    • I am just an ordinary person doing extraordinary things in education at Sandymoor School.
    • The Sandymoor approach to education is unique in so many ways.
    • Through my involvement with the MIEE this year I have discovered and enriched myself with so many new resources and tools. From OneNote to Office Mix, then there’s Sway and Lynx/Skype, and of course there is my fantastic Surface Pro3 device (I wouldn’t be without it now!).
    • I am yet to use Sway and Office Mix to their full potential, but I can already tell they are going to be a very useful tool in my teaching.
    • I have used O365 in so many ways to help our students learn and collaborate with each other and myself.
    • OneNote has been a great resource for delivering my lessons and giving our students opportunity to take control of their own learning, all contained in one place.