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BLiC Final Portfolio for Sarah White


BLiC Portfolio

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BLiC Final Portfolio for Sarah White
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  1. BLiC Portfolio

    Slide 1 - BLiC Portfolio

    • Blended Learning for Technology Professional Development
    • Sarah Monnier-White
  2. My Blended Environment

    Slide 2 - My Blended Environment

    • Blended technology training for teachers
    • Cover basics such as logging in prior to face to face trainings
    • Participants have resources to work at their own pace
    • Resources available for review and reference as needed
  3. My Blended Environment - SharePoint

    Slide 3 - My Blended Environment - SharePoint

  4. My Blended Environment - SharePoint

    Slide 4 - My Blended Environment - SharePoint

  5. My Blended Environment - LYNC

    Slide 5 - My Blended Environment - LYNC

  6. Tips for the Blended teacher

    Slide 6 - Tips for the Blended teacher

    • Research and choose your online presence carefully – then stick with it!
    • Start with a few small changes and add more blended components as you become more comfortable with it
    • Take successful projects and assignments and add a blended component
  7. Advice for the blended student

    Slide 7 - Advice for the blended student

    • Set aside a time to work on online portions of your class
    • Read directions carefully
    • Show up to online meetings and help sessions
    • Take advantage of teacher’s virtual office hours or face to face meetings to get your questions answered
  8. Feedback

    Slide 8 - Feedback

    • Staff finds the resources available helpful.
    • Teachers and other school staff have responded positively to Time Out for Tech – they like the quick tips and hints.
    • New teachers like having the resources available for when they need help.
  9. How my teaching has changed

    Slide 9 - How my teaching has changed

    • Finding ways to reach more staff.
    • Developing a library of reference materials.
    • More comfortable using online video / audio chat
    • More thought into development of PD and changing it up
  10. Tutorial Videos

    Slide 10 - Tutorial Videos

    • For teacher PD and for teachers to use in their classroom for student tech training
    • Time Out For Tech (TO4T)
    • Brief Tech PD using Lync
    • SharePoint Sites for Tech resources
    • Can be used for activities pre- and post- face to face training
    • In Development - long term PD tech “academy” for SCECHS.
  11. Happy Blending!

    Slide 11 - Happy Blending!