Systems of Equations


Systems of Equations

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  1. Systems of Equations

    Slide 1 - Systems of Equations

    • By Drew Engster
  2. How to Solve Systems of Equations

    Slide 2 - How to Solve Systems of Equations

    • There are three different methods for solving systems of equations, elimination, substitution, and graphing. But with systems of equations there is no correct method to use, if used correctly they all will be correct.
  3. Method of Elimination

    Slide 3 - Method of Elimination

    • The first method is the method of elimination. First, determine which variable to eliminate with addition or subtraction. Also, solve for remaining variable. In addition, plug the variable from the last into the original equations and solve for the remaining variable.
  4. Method of Substitution

    Slide 4 - Method of Substitution

    • The next method is the method of substitution. To use the substitution plug the equation that is solved for a variable into the second equation. Next you have to solve the equation for the remaining variable. Lastly you have to substitute the variable you solved for back into the original equation and solve for the variable.
  5. Method of Graphing

    Slide 5 - Method of Graphing

    • In addition, the last method of solving a system of equations is to graph the two equations. The best way to graph the equations is to find the slope and the y intercept then graph. The solution to a system of equations is the point where the lines intersect.
  6. Summary

    Slide 6 - Summary

    • By now we should all know how to solve the systems of equations by using one of the three methods, elimination, substitution, and graphing.