Technology in My Life


Technology in My Life

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  1. Technology in My Life

    Slide 1 - Technology in My Life

    • By Chantal Gomez
  2. The Early Years of Entertainment

    Slide 2 - The Early Years of Entertainment

    • The very beginning- year 1995
    • VHS– our source of movies
    • Cassettes—our source of music
  3. The Early Years of Entertainment

    Slide 3 - The Early Years of Entertainment

    • Computers—dial up internet
    • Couldn’t be talking on the phone if you wanted to use the internet
  4. A Year ago, to present time

    Slide 4 - A Year ago, to present time

    • Cellphones (aka smart phones) are extremely popular, and important.
    • Used to communicate
    • Web enabled
    • Used to play music—MP3 players
    • VHS is no longer used—everything has become digitalized
    • DVDs
    • Blu-ray players
    • Netflix
    • Txt u l8r
    • G2G, TTYL
  5. A Year ago, to present

    Slide 5 - A Year ago, to present

    • Dial-up internet has been updated to blazing fast speed of the wireless internet
    • Computers are no longer just desktops, but laptops or tablets also.
    • Able to use them to do virtually anything
    • Touch-screen capabilities
  6. In the future…

    Slide 6 - In the future…

    • I plan to use technology to further my education
    • Study applications
    • Online schooling
  7. In the future…

    Slide 7 - In the future…

    • Washburn is already taking steps towards a more technologic future by developing an app for its students to use.
  8. In the future…

    Slide 8 - In the future…

    • I plan to use applications such as Excel and Access to organize information in future place of employment
    • Furthermore, I can use the same applications to keep my personal life organized as well
    • ex) bills, payments, transactions, budgeting
  9. In the future…

    Slide 9 - In the future…

    • I dream of getting to use these products…
    • Smart cars—park on their own, break on their own, more gas efficient
    • iWatch—combines multiple technologies into a convenient accessory
    • On our way to a technologically advanced future!
  10. summary

    Slide 10 - summary

    • Technology is advancing daily, and at an alarming rate. Soon enough, stuff that we had only ever dreamed of will be made available and will become part of our every day lives. It is hard to live life without some form of technology, and it truly makes me wonder what it was like back in the day when the things we have today weren’t even thought of. It is amazing to see the kind of things we can do with technology and I am excited to see what the future may hold.
  11. Resources

    Slide 11 - Resources

    • -youtube for the video on the iWatch (made into a mix)
    • for all images