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Nia Richardson, Shea deem, Trent, Sophia Muscato , Noah Chapman
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  1. Good morning!

    Slide 1 - Good morning!

  2. The California Drought

    Slide 2 - The California Drought

    • By: Sophia Muscato and Trent Chastain
  3. The California Drought

    Slide 3 - The California Drought

    • The California drought mostly impacts on hydroelectricity because to need to spend millions of dollars on alternative power sources.
    • The drought has caused many wildfires in California; the main time there are wildfires are in May because of thunderstorms, volcanos, etc.
    • California is entering its fourth year of the drought on May 7, 2015
    • More than most disasters, the drought has created an atmosphere of fatalism. Fatalism means the belief that all events are inevitable and inevitable means unavoidable or certain to happen.
    • It can destroy California's agriculture.
  4. Solutions to this problem

    Slide 4 - Solutions to this problem

    • Yes, California does have a shortage of water but, that is mostly because there isn't a lot of FRESH water, so desalinization would definitely help their environment.
    • Instead of having to build massive plants to get water from the sea, California should try water recycling because it will give them more water than they already have.
    • Most California people use about 20 million gallons on water a day but it doesn't have to be that much because if you use water Conservation, for example, it can be as easy as taking 5 minute long showers instead of 20 minute long shower, and it can be as simple as turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
  5. Water Pollution in the Great Lakes

    Slide 5 - Water Pollution in the Great Lakes

    • By: Noah Chapman✌
  6. Great Lakes polluted with

    Slide 6 - Great Lakes polluted with

    • The Great Lakes have many problems that contribute to its pollution.
    • Many industries are close by to the Great Lakes. They filter there wastes and other bio hazard objects.
    • Fuels such as gasoline and oil get filtered by automobiles and other vehicles.
    • Fumes are released into the air and it makes acid rain or other hazards' fumes witch also go into the Lakes.
    • Trash and other waste are thrown out and get filtered into the rivers that flow into the Lakes and kill many fish and other animals.
  7.  what is the solution?

    Slide 7 - what is the solution?

    • we can tell industries to use an alternate power source. Use other coal or gasoline they can use solar or wind power. Making Laws about littering would help. Recycling more and not just putting them into the trash. And, use electric cars instead of using gasoline runned cars.
  8. The Picher OklahomaNuclear Water Crisis

    Slide 8 - The Picher OklahomaNuclear Water Crisis

    • by: Shea Deem
  9. How this happened

    Slide 9 - How this happened

    • Picher is a ghost town and a former city in Ottawa Country, Oklahoma, And the United States. Formally a major national center of lead and zinc mining at the heart of the tristate mining industry, over a century of unrestricted subsurface excavation dangerously undermined. Most of the Pichers town buildings and left giant piles of toxic metal-contaminated mine tailings (know as chat) heap through the area.
  10. How we can fix this?!

    Slide 10 - How we can fix this?!

    • We could get a hazmat team out there and put filters all around the Boone aquifers and filter the toxins out there, and remove the chat. And the caverns or mines reinforces it with supports and steel plates.
  11. The life threating runoff in: Ohio

    Slide 11 - The life threating runoff in: Ohio

    • by: Nia Richardson
  12. Ohio's water Problems.

    Slide 12 - Ohio's water Problems.

    • Ohio's problems with water is at a high level of risk.
    • Ohio's rivers can be fixed by not putting trash in the water.
    • Recycle
    • And help make things out of natural resorces