Dribbling Skills


Dribbling Skills

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  1. How To Dribble UnderLegs With A Basketball

    Slide 1 - How To Dribble UnderLegs With A Basketball

  2. Dribbling Skills.

    Slide 2 - Dribbling Skills.

    • Going UnderLegs With A ball looks Hard But its really not dribbling UnderLegs Is Really Easy and it keep the other person form taking the ball.
  3. Fact

    Slide 3 - Fact

    • Dribble In And Out you're legs it’s a Motion Just Go In And Out With The Ball
  4. Step Two

    Slide 4 - Step Two

    • Use Enough Force that the ball bounces just high enough for youu to control it. This sweet spot is generally about the height of you're knees.
  5. Step Three

    Slide 5 - Step Three

    • Keep You're Head Up And Gaze Straight Ahead While Dribbling The Ball Looking Down Actually Impairs Your Balance And Prevents Youu From Surveying The Court
  6. Step Four

    Slide 6 - Step Four

    • Dribble The Ball In Your Dominant Hand, Keeping Your Knees Bent And The Bonce Low.
  7. Now Try it your Self

    Slide 7 - Now Try it your Self