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  1. RASHI

    Slide 1 - RASHI

    • Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki
    • By: Nechama Wolf and Shiri Pachino

    Slide 2 - TIME LINE

    • February 22, 1040 (4800) Rashi was born in Troyes France
    • July 13, 1105 / 29 Tammuz 4865 Rashi died
    • Rashi got married at age 17
    • When Rashi was 25 he founded his own yeshiva
    • crusades
    • Rashi’s father died
  3. Slide 3

    • RASHI’S Family Tree
    • Rashi Rivkah
    • Rabbi Yitzchak Tzarfati Leah Miriam
    • Rabbeinu Meir Yocheved
    • Rabbeinu Efriam Rachel
    • Rabbeinu Yehuda Miriam
    • Rabbeinu Tam
    • Rashbam
    • Revum

    Slide 4 - RASHI’S FATHER

    • Rav Yitzchak
    • He was a great scholar, but very poor and made a meager living from selling wine
    • He was also a dealer in precious stones, which was an unusual profession for a Jew at that time. He had in his possession a particular stone that was well-known in the community of Troyes. One day one of the king’s servants told him that the king wanted to purchase the stone and put it in an idol.. He didn’t want the jewel to be used with an idol, and no amount of money the servant would offer would change his mind. He knew he couldn’t just decline the offer., so he said he’ll go back with the servant to talk to the king. While they were on the boat, the servant begged Rav Yitzchak to show him the jewel. He showed the servant the jewel and when he was taking it back he “by mistake” dropped it in the water so it wouldn’t have to be used for an idol. When Rav Yitzchak came back Eliyahu HaNavi came and told him that in a year he will have a son. His son was Rashi!!

    Slide 5 - RASHI’S MOTHER

    • A legend is told that While Rashi’s mother was pregnant with Rashi she visited the city of Worms. One day she was walking down a narrow alleyway when a French knight on a horse galloped through the street. He was about to ride over her when she flattened herself against the stone wall. Inexplicably, a niche opened in the wall and miraculously she was saved. The niche in the wall is still there today.


    • When Rashi became old his health failed and became very weak and was no longer able to write, so one of his daughters acted as a secretary and he dictated his answers of the questions everyone had to her.


    • Rabbeinu Tam and Rashi’s other grandsons frequently disagreed with Rashi
    • They were called Tosafists because they wrote Tosafos – additions to Rashi’s commentaries and now on every page of Gemara there is Rashi and Tosafos

    Slide 8 - RASHI IN YESHIVA

    • Rashi studied with the greatest students of Rabbeinu Gershom of Mainz
    • on his way to yeshiva Rashi didn’t even want to stop for food, he wanted to go straight to yeshiva
    • Rashi’s Rosh Yeshiva was Rabbi Yaakov ben Yakar.
  9. Rashi’s Commentary

    Slide 9 - Rashi’s Commentary

    • wrote explanations on תנ"ך and גמרא.
    • there are more than 200 commentaries on his commentary.
    • his commentary is so important, its unthinkable to study גמרא without it.
    • he wrote Teshuvos.
    • almost 100 years after Rashi’s death, students in France and Germany concentrated on discussing and elaborating his commentary called Tosafos.
    • these scholars who created them are called בעלי תוספות.
    • as a student Rashi took great notes on the Talmud, he revised these notes 3 times.
  10. Rashi’s Commentary Con.

    Slide 10 - Rashi’s Commentary Con.

    • commented on text phrase by phrase.
    • if someone erred Rashi said so.
    • never took sides in a מחלוקת. If מחלוקת in גמרא- Rashi pointed out who was correct.
    • Rashi even wrote on things that didn’t apply to him.
    • always wrote who or where his sources are from.
    • if Rashi thought one thing and גמרא thought something else would point that out.
    • used French to translate difficult Hebrew or Aramaic words called laaz.
    • anyone who learns Talmud needs Rashi’s commentary.
  11. Rashi’s Teachings

    Slide 11 - Rashi’s Teachings

    • would use familiar things to explain things to his student.
    • occasionally identified the authorities in the discussion.
    • always helped any student who needed it.
    • if student had question- Rashi would say question will be answered further on.
    • also gave credit to his teachers and said if he agreed with them or didn’t.
    • worked on commentary of גמרא until the lasts years of his life.
    • Menachem ben Zerach wrote “without Rashi, the Talmud would have been forgotten in Israel.”
  12. Facts About Rashi

    Slide 12 - Facts About Rashi

    • Rashi was elected the Rabbi of his town but like his father Rashi made a living from selling wine and wouldn’t except wages for being a Rabbi.
    • Rashi began to write his commentary at a young age because the Torah and גמרא were difficult to understand properly. So Rashi decided to write a commentary in simple language that would be easier for everyone to learn and understand.
    • In the last years of his life, Rashi lived to see the crusades.
  13. Rashi’s Secret

    Slide 13 - Rashi’s Secret

    • Rashi was very modest even after he had became famous he hesitated to come out in to the open with his commentary. So he wrote his on slips of parchment and visited various Torah academies.
    • Rashi once came to a Yeshiva and sat down to listen to a lecture of the Dean of the Yeshiva. There was a difficult passage in the גמרא which the Rabbi struggled to explain. After everyone left and Rashi was alone he took the slip with his commentary with that passage of the גמרא was explained simply and clearly and put it in to the גמרא of the Dean. The following morning when the Rabbi opened his גמרא he found the slip of parchment which Rashi put in. he told his students about it and they decided it must have been from heaven. Rashi listened to their praises and was happy that it was useful but he didn’t tell them that he wrote it.
  14. Rashi’s Secret Con.

    Slide 14 - Rashi’s Secret Con.

    • He went to all different Torah academies in various cities and planted slips of commentary secretly everywhere, the way people thought of them made Rashi realize how much they were needed so he decided to write his commentary on the entire תנ"ך and גמרא. The slips were copied, widely spread through out all of the Torah academies but no one knew who the author was. Until one day Rashi was caught planting slips of his commentary, and then the secret got out about him being the author.

    Slide 15 - PICTURES OF RASHI


    Slide 16 - SOURCES

    • http://www.geni.com/people/Rashi
    • Seder HaDoros
    • http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/111831/jewish/Rabbi-Shlomo-Yitzchaki-Rashi.htm
    • http://www.jewishhistory.org/the-house-of-rashi/
    • The story of Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki by Yaakov Dovid Shulman


    • Thank you to Mrs. Schulman for giving us this opportunity,
    • And Thank You to Rashi, for helping us, so we can learn Torah.
    • We hope you learned something from this.
    • Love, Nechama and Shiri