Year 12 PE

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Year 12 PE

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  1. Year 12 PE

    Slide 1 - Year 12 PE

    • Last week of term instructions
  2. 2.5 – Cricket World Cup

    Slide 2 - 2.5 – Cricket World Cup

    • Include information from semi-final and final regardless of outcome. How has this event overall been significant for self, others and society?
    • Feedback and assessment schedule.
    • Take advantage of this feedback back – read it, and action the next steps. Feel free to read each others work and offer feedback.
    • Due Tuesday during P4 OR emailed/ shared via One-Drive by 3.30pm
  3. 2.6 Leadership – Final Evaluation

    Slide 3 - 2.6 Leadership – Final Evaluation

    • Due Thursday during lesson by 3.30pm on Website
    • Pages for Final evaluation have been loaded onto the website (since last Thursday).
    • This should be a final evaluation showing your “journey” of using and improving leadership strategies. Make judgements on how successful you were based on how it impacted on the functioning of the group.
    • Go back and read assessment schedule and examples.
    • WHAT happened?
    • So WHAT?
    • WHAT next?
  4. Practical This Week

    Slide 4 - Practical This Week

    • Monday – own time in Rm 600
    • Tues – swim (in pool). Need togs, towel, goggles and cap if you have one.
    • Wed – 3km run on Marine parade
    • Thursday – some time looking at AS for Term 2. Fun cricket based practical to finish – bring your PE gear.
    • NB gear in van