Camtasia Getting Started Guide


Camtasia Getting Started Guide

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  1. 2 Ways to Record PowerPoint

    Slide 1 - 2 Ways to Record PowerPoint

    • From within PowerPoint
    • From within Camtasia Studio
  2. Slide 2

    • Setting Up for Recording
    • Begins recording your PowerPoint presentation.
    • Records audio for the PowerPoint slides.
    • Records camera with the PowerPoint presentation.
    • Displays the Camera preview during recording.
    • Click the Recording options icon to adjust specific settings for recording, including:
    • Records the mouse cursor
    • Video and audio format
    • Audio source
    • Camera setup
    • Hotkeys for Record/Pause and Stop
    • Opens Help topic for more information.
    • The Camtasia Studio Recording Toolbar within PowerPoint.
  3. During Recording

    Slide 3 - During Recording

    • 1. Click Record to launch the slideshow.
    • 2. Check the microphone input level. When ready, select the Click to begin recording button or use the hotkeys.
    • 3. Control the PowerPoint presentation, as you normally would, during the recording.
    • 4. Press Esc to stop recording.
  4. After Recording

    Slide 4 - After Recording

    • 1. At the end of the recording; choose whether to Stop recording or Continue recording.
    • If you choose to Continue recording, click the Stop recording button in the PowerPoint recording toolbar.
    • 2. After you save the file, choose whether to:
    • Produce your recording.
    • or
    • Edit your recording before producing it.
  5. Cancelling a Recording

    Slide 5 - Cancelling a Recording

    • 1. Press
    • 2. When the Save Camtasia Recording As… dialog box appears, click Cancel.
    • 3. When the dialog box appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the current video capture, click Yes.