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    Slide 1 - SHIPWRECKED

    • By Isaac Robinson
  2. The survivors

    Slide 2 - The survivors

    • Derek Mandula Bernadette Michelle Fin Me
    • Builder Aboriginal hunter Chef Biologist School child Economics student
    • Not injured Not injured Not injured Not injured Injured Injured
  3. Slide 3

    • Our Economic Problem
  4. Our Economic Situation

    Slide 4 - Our Economic Situation

    • We do not have a structured economy
    • We have some resources with us but we will have to gather more to survive
    • We currently don’t have the resources to satisfy every bodies needs and wants
  5. Our Current Resources

    Slide 5 - Our Current Resources

    • Labour: we are the labour resources
    • Land: the sea, the forest, palm trees, pine trees and the fresh water stream
    • Capital: some knives, a machete, a spade, two pots, some rope, two plastic bags and the laptop
    • Enterprise: Michelle has biological knowledge. Bernadette has skill in making good food. Mandula has skill in getting food. Derek has skill in building things. I have skill in economics and solving economics problems
  6. Needs and Wants

    Slide 6 - Needs and Wants

    • Needs
    • Wants
    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
    • Nice food
    • Other drinks
    • Comfortable
    • place to sleep
  7. The plan

    Slide 7 - The plan

    • Map of island:
    • X
    • Y
  8. Individual Roles

    Slide 8 - Individual Roles

    • Mandula: Get fish and animals
    • Derek: Build shelter and get fish and animals
    • Michelle: will collect fruit and coconuts
    • Bernadette: Will cook food and collect fruit and coconuts
    • Fin: when his leg heals he will collect shellfish
    • Me: I will manage the everyday running of the camp and will help wherever it is needed when my leg heals
  9. Allocation of resources

    Slide 9 - Allocation of resources

  10. Use of Resources

    Slide 10 - Use of Resources

    • We will eat all meat and fish caught that day
    • We will save some fruit and coconuts
    • We will drink as much water as we
    • need because it is a limitless resource
  11. Opportunity Cost of my Plan

    Slide 11 - Opportunity Cost of my Plan

    • Moving the whole camp
    • Mandula and Derek will be getting animal meat and fish
    • ing up shellfish
    • Not making Fin and I do any physical activity so we can heal as quickly as possible
    • Opportunity Cost: We will give up getting more food and getting other important jobs