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  1. Shipwrecked

    Slide 1 - Shipwrecked

  2. Nature of economic problem we face

    Slide 2 - Nature of economic problem we face

    • Lack of resources and management of activates for the benefit of the community.
  3. Needs

    Slide 3 - Needs

    • Water
    • Steady supply of food
    • Shelter/fire/cooking facilities
    • Sanitation rules
    • Hunting equipment
    • Curing facility
    • Wants
    • Safety
    • Medicine/health care
    • Comfortable living space
  4. Resources

    Slide 4 - Resources

    • Knifes
    • machete
    • Spade
    • 2x pots
    • Rope
    • Plastic bags
    • Large canvas sheet
    • Food ( bread, nuts, biscuits)
    • Male1 (Johnny Johnston)- botanist
    • Male2 (Wilhelm von Sauerkraut)- fisher
    • Female1 (Bonnie Parker)- Hunter/ gather
    • Female2 (Samantha Green)- Nature adventure/ chief
    • Child1 (Hermon von Snotgrobler the 3rd )- Courier/ gather materials/Boat builder
    • Child 2 (Warwick Hemsworth)-economic student
  5. Immediate status

    Slide 5 - Immediate status

    • Johnny Johnston- Injured hand broken
    • Samantha Green- Injured ribs broken
    • Everyone else is physically healthy/fit
    • Water is scares
    • Food supplies can manage for a week or fortnight with rationing.
  6. Immediate plan

    Slide 6 - Immediate plan

    • Move all personal and on hand resources to water source and set up base camp.
    • Wilhelm von Sauerkraut and Bonnie Parker will start surveying the local area and find out what local plants and animals are edible. Johnny Johnstone will accompany them to identify what’s safe to eat.
    • Wilhelm will make fishing nets and lines to catch fish.
  7. Immediate plan

    Slide 7 - Immediate plan

    • Group will eat the food from the ship’s supplies until another source can be found and know it’s a safe to eat.
  8. Achieving the immediate plan

    Slide 8 - Achieving the immediate plan

    • Placing everything in the canvas sheet and then carrying it to the site
    • Building shelter with wood and branches from surrounding area
    • Chop up wood with machete
  9. Short term status

    Slide 9 - Short term status

    • Johnny Johnston- Injured hand broken
    • Samantha Green- Injured ribs broken
    • Everyone else is physically healthy/fit
    • Steady supply of meat is coming from traps and fishing.
  10. Short term plan

    Slide 10 - Short term plan

    • Bonnie will teach Hermon to hunt and gather supplies.
    • Create Satellite camp ( camp B) for fishing. Camp B will have a curing facility.
    • Wilhelm will fish during a space of two days.
    • Warwick will learn how fish and curing.
  11. Achieving short term plan

    Slide 11 - Achieving short term plan

    • Cooking will use 1 of the two pots and knifes.
    • Use machete to chop up wood.
    • Wood and leaves to build camp B and curing facility.
    • A canvas sheet will be brought to camp b.
  12. Long term status

    Slide 12 - Long term status

    • Everyone is physically healthy/fit
    • Animals are coming in on a steady supply
    • Water is abundant.
  13. Long term Plan

    Slide 13 - Long term Plan

    • Hermon, now haven been trained in hunting and traps will hunt with the main party, he will start planning to build a boat increase fishing production
    • Warwick shall help with fishing through alternating shifts. Two days fishing at camp B two days off.
  14. Achieving long term plan

    Slide 14 - Achieving long term plan

    • Large amounts of wood and leaves to build boat which will be brought to us by chopping the necessary items with a machete.
  15. Other important necessities in survival

    Slide 15 - Other important necessities in survival

    • Everything that is killed or harvested will be consumed. We can’t afford waste.