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  1. Cloud SERVICES

    Slide 1 - Cloud SERVICES

    • Feb 2015
    • C2C Online: Dean howarth
  2. What is CLOUD

    Slide 2 - What is CLOUD

    • Cloud is any ICT “as a Service”

    Slide 3 - THE JOURNEY

  4. What is Private cloud ?

    Slide 4 - What is Private cloud ?

  5. TelstraYour partner in the cloud

    Slide 5 - TelstraYour partner in the cloud

    • April 2013
    • We have a complete suite of cloud services giving you one place for all your ICT infrastructure, software, telephony and networks.
    • Get the latest software, IP telephony, servers, storage and security without upfront capital investment in a simple subscription or pay-for-use basis
    • Simplified budget management
    • No more worrying about upgrades, security patches and phone systems
    • Scale services to meet business and staffing needs
    • A smarter way to manage technology
    • Quickly set up a new branch office or project
    • Focus on your business and your customers, not your ICT
    • Unburden your ICT
    • Staff get business software, voice, IM, video conferencing, contacts, calendars, shared address books on their mobile phones and laptops
    • Be at the leading edge
  6. What are the benefits for your business?

    Slide 6 - What are the benefits for your business?

    • Agility
    • With the Internet changing business models so quickly, established companies need to be very agile to compete with those who see an opportunity and can quickly exploit it.
    • Flexibility
    • Managers need to access computing resources without owning them for 3-4yrs. Now it’s possible to quickly scale servers and storage up and down in line with your exact business needs.
    • Storage
    • Data is growing exponentially, putting pressure on servers and storage archives. Privacy legislation and e-discovery compliance is increasing.
    • Security
    • New viruses, attacks and ‘hacktivism’ threaten business continuity.
    • Cost efficiency
    • IT budgets are continually cut. The pressure is on to prove that IT investments align with and provide a return to the business.
  7. Typical integration

    Slide 7 - Typical integration

    • Telstra Utility Hosting
    • Office 365
    • Public Website
    • Dynamics CRM
    • Accounting System
    • Ticketing System
    • Docusign
  8. Other examples

    Slide 8 - Other examples

    • HR Forms and Workflows
    • MYOB
    • SQL Server
    • Terminal Services
  9. Slide 9

    • Australian Customer Wins
  10. Slide 10

    • Some Others Using Office 365
    • Arlec Australia
    • Amalgamated Holdings
    • Auscript Australia
    • Bledisloe Holdings
    • Brosnan Golf
    • Carbon Systems Aust
    • Coco Republic
    • Country Rugby League of NSW
    • Dorrington Homes
    • Eldercare Incorporated
    • Entertainment Publications
    • Executive Health Solutions
    • Intrec Management
    • LJ Hooker
    • MacArthur Coal
    • Mr Rental
    • Orford Refrigeration
    • Rathbone Wines
    • Realestate.com
    • Snap Franchising
    • Sydney Animal Hospitals
    • Taxi-link
    • Ted’s Camera Stores
    • Tony Ferguson