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  1. Augmented Reality

    Slide 1 - Augmented Reality

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  2. What is Augmented Reality?

    Slide 2 - What is Augmented Reality?

    • Augmented reality is a computer generated image or video that makes it look as if an event is happening right in front of the user
    • Augmented reality can be traced all the way back to the 1990’s
    • Jaron Lanier first used the words virtual reality but the term “augmented reality” came from a researcher called Tom Caudell
    • The use of augmented reality can range from educational uses in university to just entertaining little kids at home
    • Augmented reality is now so popular that you can even download apps on your smart phone that use this technology
  3. Augmented Reality Apps

    Slide 3 - Augmented Reality Apps

    • There are loads of different AR (Augmented Reality) apps that you can get on Android, Apple and Windows device so here is a small list of 10:
    • Across Air – Helps you find restaurants, cinemas etc.
    • Google Sky Map – Tells you about different constellations
    • Lookator – Look through Wi-Fi spots in front of you
    • Anatomy 4D – Gives you a tour of the human body
    • Spyglass – Comes with a compass, gyrocompass, speedometer, sextant, angular calculator and a inclinometer
    • SpotCrime – Keeps track of all crimes near you
    • Aurasma – Blends the real world with animations called ‘Auras’
    • Augment – Lets you visualise 3D objects like different types of furniture in your house
  4. Augmented Reality  Apps

    Slide 4 - Augmented Reality Apps

    • Aruasma
    • Acrossair
    • Google Sky Map
    • Lookator
    • Anatomy 4D
    • Spyglass
    • SpotCrime
    • Augment
  5. Augmented Reality used in Business

    Slide 5 - Augmented Reality used in Business

  6. Augmented Reality used in Education

    Slide 6 - Augmented Reality used in Education

    • Chromville
    • Books AR Alive
    • Anatomy
  7. AR                                                                                     Spot

    Slide 7 - AR Spot