Causes of the Civil War


Causes of the Civil War

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  1. Causes of the Civil War

    Slide 1 - Causes of the Civil War

    • The North versus the South
  2. Missouri Compromise- 1820

    Slide 2 - Missouri Compromise- 1820

    • Missouri wanted to become a state that had slaves.
    • Missouri was added as a slave state.
    • Maine was added as a free state.
    • No slavery north of latitude 36 30’ in the Louisiana Purchase
  3. Nat Turner’s Rebellion- 1831

    Slide 3 - Nat Turner’s Rebellion- 1831

    • Nat Turner, with 60 other slaves, killed 50 people.
    • Nat was executed for leading the rebellion.
    • Slave owners were afraid.
    • Slaves now had less rights.
  4. Compromise of 1850

    Slide 4 - Compromise of 1850

    • California became a free state.
    • New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah would decide if they wanted slaves or not.
    • Fugitive Slave act said any slaves who escaped the South must be returned to their owners.
  5. Kansas-Nebraska Act- 1854

    Slide 5 - Kansas-Nebraska Act- 1854

    • The Missouri Compromise did not exist anymore.
    • Kansas and Nebraska could decide themselves if they wanted slavery or not.
    • Under the Missouri Compromise, Kansas and Nebraska would be free states, but now they didn’t have to be.
    • This made Northern abolitionists angry.
  6. Dred Scott Decision- 1857

    Slide 6 - Dred Scott Decision- 1857

    • Scott was a slave, he sued the government saying he should be free since his master took him to a territory that was free.
    • The government said slaves were not U.S. citizens, and viewed as property or someone, just like a car.
    • Since he was not a citizen, he could not sue the government. Think, can a car sue the government?
    • Any law that prevented slavery was against the law.
  7. John Brown’s Raid- 1859

    Slide 7 - John Brown’s Raid- 1859

    • John Brown was an abolitionist.
    • Took control of a U.S. arsenal, killing civilians.
    • Brown hoped it would cause a slave rebellion.
    • There was no rebellion, but his raid made the slavery issue even greater of an issue.
  8. Presidential Election of 1860

    Slide 8 - Presidential Election of 1860

    • Became President of the United States.
    • Wanted to ban slavery in all of the territories.
    • Southern states did not like this idea at all.
    • They were afraid he would try to abolish slavery all over the U.S.
  9. Civil War Begins-1861

    Slide 9 - Civil War Begins-1861

    • Southern states left the United States.
    • The Southern states, also known as the Confederacy, attacked Fort Sumter in North Carolina.
    • Americans were shooting Americans.
    • The Civil War had started.