June 12th Lesson


June 12th Lesson

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  1. Nutrition Opinion Essay

    Slide 1 - Nutrition Opinion Essay

    • Summer Personal Fitness and Health
  2. Assessment

    Slide 2 - Assessment

    • You will now research and write and opion essay on Genetically Modified Foods.
    • The purpose of this is to educate yourself on an issue that is controversial regarding nutrition. Once you have the facts you then determine where you personally stand.
    • This is good practice for approaching all issues regarding health.
    • Research. Educate yourself with valid and accurate information. Take a stand.
  3. Items you will need

    Slide 3 - Items you will need

  4. Resources

    Slide 5 - Resources

  5. Accessing Resources

    Slide 6 - Accessing Resources

  6. Citations

    Slide 8 - Citations

    • Within the actual essay:
    • According to Biodiversity 2013 ……..